Vanimo Surf Lodge

Located on the north coast of Papua New Guinea, Vanimo Surf Lodge offers an idyllic tropical getaway for surfers from all over the world. While it remains relatively unknown, those who have visited this region of PNG keep coming back for more. 

Vanimo Surf Lodge offers traditional island-style beachfront accommodation that blends in with the village surroundings, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to escape the daily grind and immerse themselves in PNG’s rich and colourful culture. 

A Dream PNG Surfing Holiday

Overlooking a smorgasbord of epic waves, Vanimo Surf Lodge gives you access to some of the best surf breaks in the region. While other surfers fly overhead searching for world-class waves overseas, Vanimo delivers fun waves for surfers of all abilities, just a hop, skip and jump from Australia.  

The Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea’s surfer’s cap of 20 surfers, spread over eight breaks, means everyone benefits, with fewer crowds and more waves for you. Local crowds are friendly and there’s always a good vibe in the lineup, no matter where you decide to surf. If you’re looking for good times and fun barrels – Vanimo Surf Lodge in PNG is the place to be! 


January to April, November to December
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To fit in with the village atmosphere, the accommodation at Vanimo Surf Lodge consists of three traditional beachfront huts with stylish interiors. Guests can immerse themselves in island life, while still benefiting from comfortable bungalows with mosquito nets and ceiling fans.

Every hut sleeps three to four guests, with plenty of room for your boards and other storage.

While there are no surf shops nearby, there are local doctors, banks, a hospital, a supermarket and a pharmacy in town.


All meals at Vanimo Surf Lodge are prepared using fresh, locally sourced seafood, meat, chicken, farmed crocodile and vegetables. Cooked traditionally, the lodge’s range of delicious meals adds to the overall cultural experience.

An abundance of tropical fresh fruit is available, from red paw paws which are grown within the retreat’s grounds, to bananas, mangos, star fruit, mangosteens, pineapple and even vanilla beans. A traditional earth oven cooking feast can be arranged for special occasions for groups of eight or more.

Surf Vanimo Surf Lodge

Surfing PNG should be on every surfer’s bucket list and the surf breaks around Vanimo Surf Lodge won’t disappoint. The official surf season runs from November through to April, however, plenty of surfers score epic waves during the fringe season of October through to May.

Regardless of the conditions, somewhere around Vanimo Surf Lodge is always offshore, so you’ll have plenty of fun in the waves, whatever your surfing ability. From beginners to intermediate surfers, this region of PNG has something for everyone.

Lido Point (Vanimo Right)

Lido Point is a peeling right-hander that breaks for up to 150 metres and handles up to 3 ft of swell. It’s super consistent during summer and a friendly point-break that will surely become your favourite.


Waromo is a fun left-hander located just a short drive to the west of Vanimo. It breaks over a limestone platform bottom.


A fast, hollow left that has been compared to a mini Teahupoo at 3 to 6 ft.

Log Point

Fast and hollow, in the right conditions surfers can expect freight train rights at Log Point.

Town Beach Break

This is great for beginners thanks to its sand bottom and easy takeoff. The Town Beach Break is great for families who want to get out in the waves together.

Lido Left

Lido Left is a left-hander that is a 10-minute walk through the village and is generally offshore in the afternoon.

Non-Surf Activities

If you love to immerse yourself in local culture, Vanimo Surf Lodge is the place to be. The lodge staff will contact local villagers who can organise tours around the area. A guest favourite is the waterfall tour, a 2 km walk upstream to a series of beautiful waterfalls and crystal-clear swimming holes.

If you prefer being on the water, Vanimo Surf Lodge also offers snorkeling and game fishing tours, and if you’re extra adventurous, a traditional-style fishing experience is available using a handline while paddling a single-person dugout canoe.

If you want to explore further afield, the lodge can arrange a day tour into Indonesia’s thriving township of Jayapura, which is a two-hour drive away. You’ll need to arrange an Indonesian visa, either before you leave home or at the Indonesian Consulate in Vanimo town.

A stay at Vanimo Surf Lodge is the perfect opportunity to unwind and immerse yourself in the culture of Papua New Guinea. Whether you want to relax on the beach, or chat with some locals and learn some Pidgin English, it’s the ideal location to escape the daily grind and leave your routine behind.



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The right out front was surfable every day and its an absolute fun wave. There are two lefts close by if you want the adrenaline going and willing to peel some skin off (barrels guaranteed). Its... Read More >

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