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Discover the untouched beauty of South Sumatra and get up close and personal with world-class waves and a picture-perfect island paradise. South Sumatra is home to stunning scenery, incredible beaches and turquoise waters teeming with sea life. It’s a remote and genuinely breathtaking region of Indonesia.

Relatively unscathed by tourism, South Sumatra is often described as the ‘real Indonesia’, or what Bali was like 30 years ago. Empty waves and chilled vibes keep drawing surfers back to this region year after year.

At World Surfaris, we’re passionate about creating unforgettable surf experiences in South Sumatra. The legendary South Sumatra Surf Resort provides exclusive access to the best waves in South Sumatra, and you can enjoy your stay in a beautiful traditional Indonesian-style bungalow. The South Sumatra Surf Resort staff are friendly and accommodating and are dedicated to providing a personalised experience for every guest.



Adventure awaits, so grab your quiver of boards and journey to the beautiful island of South Sumatra. Located just 200 metres from a world-class left-hander that resembles the famous G-Land, South Sumatra Surf Resort offers easy access to a plethora of barrelling lefts and rights, as well as endless beach breaks, all within close proximity. 

South Sumatra has something for every surfer, from grommets to experienced veterans. You don’t have to go far to find Way Jambu, a heavy left-hand barrel nicknamed ‘Sumatran Pipeline’. Other pumping waves in the area include Banana Island, Jenny’s Right, Mandiri, The Peak and Honey Smacks. 

South Sumatra’s peak surfing season (dry season) runs from April to October, when you’ll experience consistent, solid 6 to 12 ft swells. However, the wet season (November to March) still delivers incredible waves. While there’s more rainfall and less consistent surf conditions with shorter period swells, the wet season can also provide opportunities to discover hidden gems and empty lineups. Surfing South Sumatra is something you’ll never forget!


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South Sumatra Surf Resort
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Experience the untouched beauty of South Sumatra at South Sumatra Surf Resort, located in West Lampung, 30 km from Krui at Tanjung Setia. A real...

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