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Discover the raw and remote beauty of Pacific Indonesia.

Introducing the Spice Islands, a surf region in Pacific Indonesia that is largely forgotten by all but the most intrepid surfers. The North Maluku Islands have long captured the imagination of surfers looking to venture off the beaten track on a surf trip to discover uncrowded and in some cases, undiscovered waves.  

World Surfaris has handpicked a range of surf charters and surf camps located in the North Malukus and Morotai, where surfers can recapture a sense of exploration and adventure whilst surfing empty waves in the infamous Spice Islands. 

Morotai, situated near Halmahera in Eastern Indonesia, is home to Moro Ma Doto Resort, located in close proximity to three world class waves boasting all the luxuries of a typical surf resort. If you prefer a surf charter, Fenides Surf Charters and Jiwa Alam Surf Charters operate in this wave-rich region from December through to February, delivering the ultimate summer escape.

The Spice Islands are home to a variety of right and left hand reef breaks, with waves like Serenade, Durian and Dugong conjuring up images of empty waves riffling down flawless reef passes.

Getting to the Spice Islands remains a challenge for even the most seasoned surf traveler. World Surfaris provides comprehensive logistical support to alleviate these barriers, ensuring your remote surf trip is as safe, simple and easy as it comes.


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The best time to surf the Indonesian Pacific is during the Northern Hemisphere winter, from November through to March, when consistent N and ENE swells travel down towards the north facing reef passes of the region. Given the proximity of the North Maluku Islands to the equator, winds are generally light and variable meaning a multitude of waves are accessible no matter the wind or swell conditions. The surf in this region suits a range of surfing abilities from advanced beginners, to advanced. From peeling point breaks suitable for longboarders to grinding reef passes providing multiple barrels sections for experienced surfers, the Spice Islands has something for everyone.

World Surfaris’ European Surf Travel Specialist, Anthony ‘Yep’ Colas, has been pioneering surf exploration in Morotai and the North Maluku Islands since 2004. Having discovered several surf breaks and guided dozens of exploratory surf charters back in the day, Antony has the spent more time in this region than most. If you’re planning your next remote surf adventure, request a complimentary consultation with Antony and prepare for information overload!


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Fenides Surf Charter
Fenides Surf Charter
North Maluku - Indonesia
All Levels

Fenides Charter is a premium yacht that sails through some of the most exciting and exotic parts of Indonesia. Purposely built for surf and dive charters,...

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Moro Ma Doto Resort
Moro Ma Doto Resort
North Maluku - Indonesia
All Levels

Welcome to Moro Ma Doto Resort, your hidden gem nestled on the tranquil Pulau Morotai, the most northeastern jewel of the Spice Islands within Indonesia's captivating Maluku Archipelago.

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Sama Sama Boat Trips
Sama Sama Boat Trips
North Maluku - Indonesia

Sama Sama Boat Trips offers an exceptional sailing across the exotic and mysterious Maluku Islands, including Morotai, Halmahera, and Buli Islands, in the wider Indonesian...

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