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Surfing In The Maldives: Planning Your Maldives Surf Adventure
16th May 2024
There’s nothing quite like taking your passion for surfing and experiencing it with mates in pristine tropical locations—the ones where the waves are just as...
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Which surf trip is right for you?
31st Jan 2024
Classic Surf, Eat, Sleep, Repeat Classic, no-fuss and budget-friendly trips. Basic but comfortable shared accommodation, purpose-built for surfers. Beachfront or set amongst tropical jungle, with...
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5 things you can’t forget on your next surf charter. 
19th Jan 2024
1 Surfboard Repair and First-Aid Kits  We all like to think it won’t happen to us, but trust us when we say a surfboard or...
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The Top 6 Lohis FAQ
29th Aug 2023
Question 1 What is there for my partner to do while I surf? There is an abundance of non-surfing activities on offer at Hudhuranfushi Surf...
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A Day In The Life At Lohis
11th Aug 2023
I wouldn’t usually start a day while on holiday with my alarm ringing out, but Ryan, the Surf Operations Manager at Lohis, has told me...
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Simeulue Surf Guide
09th Aug 2023
The Island Simeulue Island, located in the Banda Aceh province, is positioned 150km from Mainland North Sumatra. The island is about 105 kilometres long and...
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Mahi Mahi Routines
02nd Aug 2023
After a couple days in, I had a pretty solid routine forming. I’d wake up around day break and check the peak, which is the...
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Surf camp, surf resort or surf charter?
02nd Aug 2023
Surf Charters It feels a bit like Christmas waking up at a new surf spot while on a charter in the tropics. You go to...
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The Ultimate Mates Rates Guide
09th Jun 2023
For uncrowded surf. Situated on Simeulue Island, North Sumatra, Mahi Mahi Surf Resort enjoys a front row seat of one of the island’s most consistent...
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Resort Latitude Zero: From Dream to Reality
09th Nov 2022
I was way out of my depth at solid, mid-season Lakeys, especially considering the gnarly crew of Aussies who had it dialled and just growled...
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Ocean Sapphire Exterior
Epic Surf Trip to the Central and Malè Atolls aboard the Ocean Sapphire
09th Nov 2022
The cabins are spacious and very comfortable, with ensuite bathrooms and plenty of storage space. The main saloon has large, wrap around windows so you...
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What to expect on a Maldives Surf Charter – An “occasional surfer’s” perspective
21st Sep 2022
_MG_8525 Some Caption Here _MG_8719 286864346_10160024851929872_3590072838901922305_n _MG_8536 286370011_10160024854034872_9114814254754963352_n _MG_8042 _MG_6941 North Seven Charter North Seven Charter – Central Atolls Central Atolls – Maldives Signature Intermediate...
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Pic: Mentawais Surf Charter
Mentawais Surf Charter – If you haven’t, you should!
15th Aug 2022
For the uninitiated, the Mentawais is a chain of islands that sit just west of Padang and has been dubbed by many (ourselves included) the...
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6 reasons why the Maldives is better by surf charter
04th Aug 2022
RYZPHOTO165_1 That ‘other’ surf break is accessible Charters are mobile, they follow the swell and avoid the winds. Neither option is available to most resorts...
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Why it pays to book ahead… especially from 2022 onwards.
15th Jun 2022
In some areas, it’s pretty obvious like certain imports from China or trying to get some niche building supplies. In other areas, it’s more hidden...
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Indian Ocean Surfing – Your Favourite Surf Puddle is Back!
17th May 2022
So, where’s good? Our operators have been sending us reports and the long and short of it is that the Mentawais and the Maldives are...
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RichardKotch- See you soon_0
25 Years Young – World Surfaris
30th Mar 2022
As a grandfather, I have experienced what a 25 year journey feels like. In fact, I can divide what I’ve seen into several 25 year journeys,...
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Cheat Notes – PPass (Palikir Pass)
16th Feb 2022
THE WAVE: Palikir Pass is by far the best and most consistent wave in the region. Most swells hit Pohnpei from September to March/April. December January...
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2K1Y7684 (1)
Catching up with Pohnpei Surf Club
16th Feb 2022
WS: Hi Allois, great to finally catch up with you! Could you tell us a little bit about Pohnpei Surf Club? P: Hello! At Pohnpei...
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