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Nestled amongst the palm trees on Pitojat Island, Togat Nusa Retreat is a truly magical place. It’s a private tropical island sanctuary perfect for those looking to escape, relax and unwind. Positioned in the surf-rich Mentawai Islands chain, this unique retreat is surrounded by some incredible scenery and epic waves.

The retreat’s hosts, John and Ainsley Ocean are hard-core surfers who left their organic avocado farm behind in Hawaii, to start their own surf destination in the Mentawai Islands. With a passion for surfing, the ocean and the environment, John and Ainsley focus on providing quality service, a place to relax and a sanctuary away from the rat race. 

Togat Nusa features three traditionally inspired umas (bungalows) framed by a lush tropical rainforest abundant with flora such as native orchids, climbing vines, large monitor lizards and a variety of colourful bird species. At Togat Nusa Retreat, you’ll experience total relaxation, the perfect place to kick back in the Mentawais. 

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A Private Island Paradise in the Mentawais 

Togat Nusa Retreat is a low impact, private retreat that only caters for eight guests at a time. Quality and service come first, as your hosts focus on providing you with the most unique and relaxing surf trip in the Mentawai Islands.

Perfect for couples and small groups of friends, Togat Nusa Retreat is a slice of heaven in the beautiful Mentawai Islands. For surfers, Scarecrows, a long left-hander that peels around a coral reef is right out the front. The opposite end of the island has views to the palm-fringed mainland and a collection of waves breaking in the distance. 


Inspired by the Mentawai umas, Togat Nusa features four traditionally-inspired bungalows, each uniquely designed and built using recycled timbers and driftwood. Each bungalow accommodates two people, with a total of eight guests at the retreat at any time. 

All bungalows have private bathrooms with hot water, fans to keep cool, king-sized beds, hand-built custom furniture and antique lights and fixtures left over from Dutch fishing vessels. A stay at this partial eco-resort in the Mentawai Islands is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll remember forever. 

Bungalow 1: Two king-sized beds, and an outdoor shower. 

Bungalow 2: The honeymoon suite has two king-sized beds and is very private, perfect for secluded swims in the lagoon. 

Bungalow 3: The family bungalow has three rooms, two bathrooms and each room has a king-sized bed that can be exchanged for two singles. Sleeps three to four people.



The chef at Togat Nusa Retreat places a strong emphasis on sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and fish, as well as offering a beautiful range of home-baked breads and pastries. The chef serves up a variety of Western and Indonesian cuisine to satisfy a range of tastes. 

If you want to get out for an early surf, breakfast at Togat Nusa Retreat includes an early bird menu of fruit, yoghurt, homemade granola and tea and coffee. Then, choose from omelettes, pancakes, french toast, homemade bread, bacon and eggs. 

You won’t be disappointed at lunch or dinner with a delicious range of meals served buffet style, including pizza, burritos, pasta, curries and traditional Indonesian dishes like rendang, lumpias (spring rolls) and soto ayam (chicken soup), as well as fresh fish and salads. If you’re tempted by dessert, there’s a range of homemade cakes, donuts and fresh fruit. All guests are given a large aqua bottle that can be refilled with water in the restaurant. 

Special dietary requirements and food allergies are catered for, just mention it to the staff when you arrive.

The Monkey Bar 

The one-of-a-kind Monkey Bar is made completely out of recycled timber and driftwood collected from the surrounding beaches and has a beautiful, traditional style sago palm thatched roof and a huge coconut tree acting as the centre beam. Even the furniture has been built in the same way as the building, with the walls covered in local carvings and collected treasures. 

With views of Scarecrows surf break, it’s the perfect place to gather for meals, enjoy a drink or simply put your feet up and listen to some music while you watch the waves. The bar stocks a variety of beers, spirits and cocktails, and smoothies are also available. 


Surf Togat Nusa Retreat

While staying at Togat Nusa Retreat, you’re only a short boat ride from several high-quality surf breaks. This region is known for its wave quality and consistency, with waves like Icelands, Scarecrows, Telescopes and more. 

Boat Transfers to Surf Breaks

To access the various surf breaks, surfers can jump on board the traditional dugout canoes, powered by two 40-horsepower Yamaha engines. It’s the perfect vessel to navigate local waters and is captained by experienced boatmen who have grown up in the Mentawai Islands and have been around boats their whole lives. 

The retreat also has a nine-metre aluminium speedboat with a cabin. Take off on a surf adventure, or explore the Playgrounds or Katiet area for an additional fee. The boat is equipped with safety gear, as well as a cooler for drinks, a roof and padded seats to keep you comfortable during your trip. 


A bowling left hander right in your front yard at Togat Nusa Retreat. Scarecrows picks up a lot of swell, and on bigger, heavier days requires a bit of paddling and a bigger board. This wave can offer a good barrel on the inside section after some big carves on the outside.


Another swell magnet, this time a peak, that picks up any available swell. When Telescopes is big and pumping, Iceland can be 2-3 times bigger. A true big wave spot, this wave has been surfed at 20ft and is a great place for an adrenaline rush on your step up.


A heavy and unpredictable left with gnarly barrels over a very shallow, live coral reef. When it links up, it’s a remarkable wave, suitable for advanced surfers only and definitely at high tide.


Ridiculously perfect left, easily accessible from Awera Surf Resort, Togat Nusa Retreat and Villa Mentawai. A user-friendly wave with multiple good sections for barrels or turns. Telescopes likes a SW swell with SE winds.

Seven Palms

Shifty lefts off random peaks. This spot, rarely crowded, picks up plenty of swell but can be hard to surf.


A relatively under-the-radar right hander that’s fast and zippy breaking over shallow reef. Arikis can offer good barrel sections and is best at higher tide.

Omak Tidur

A long, slabbing right out the front of Awera Surf Resort with intense barrel sections on good days. This wave can be super challenging, and often seems surfable when it’s not. Always wait for the green light from your surf guide before attempting this one!


A fickle wrap-around left that can be challenging. This wave needs a big swell to come to life.

Playgrounds Area & Katiet Bay

Available at an additional charge, guests can also explore the Playgrounds area or Katiet Bay area for a full day during their stay at Togat Nusa Retreat. Here, guests will have the opportunity to surf famed breaks such as Lances Right, Lances Left, Bintangs, Beng-Beng, Kandui Left, Rifles and Hideaways.

Non-Surf Activities

There is plenty to explore out of the waves in this beautiful region of the Mentawai Islands. Do as much or as little as you like at Togat Nusa Retreat, the staff are there to ensure your holiday is everything you hoped for. 

If you prefer to keep busy, try fishing, snorkelling, picnics, local village visits, yoga classes, jungle cruises and more. WiFi is available throughout the retreat for you to stay in touch with your family and friends. 


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