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Togat Nusa Retreat is a boutique resort located on its own private island within the Mentawai archipelago in Indonesia. It caters to a small number of guests, focusing on personalised, high-quality service. The retreat offers an immersive experience to both surfers and non-surfers alike, with a newly built yoga shala and numerous surf breaks accessible within a short boat ride away.  

Accommodation at Togat is designed for relaxation and comfort. These bungalows feature traditional Mentawai craftsmanship, blending seamlessly with the tropical surroundings. The retreat also emphasises eco-friendliness and a focus on healthy, organic meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients.  

A stay at Togat Nusa Retreat is the closest you’ll get to being shipwrecked on a tropical island, but with all the modern comforts and amazing waves around every corner. 

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Marine Conservation at Togat Nusa Retreat

Togat Nusa Retreat is actively involved in marine conservation through its Coral Garden project and serves as a Sea Turtle Sanctuary. They focus on coral restoration by collecting naturally broken coral fragments and replanting them to help rehabilitate the local reef ecosystems.

The retreat also protects sea turtles, ensuring their nesting sites are undisturbed, with educational efforts to involve the local community. Additionally, the retreat hosts marine biologists and coral scientists in the off-season to aid in these efforts, providing a hands-on experience for guests interested in marine conservation. 


At Togat Nusa Retreat, the accommodation consists of four intricately designed bungalows that prioritise environmental sustainability, utilising recycled materials and local craftsmanship. Each bungalow features a distinct style with custom-made furniture and decorations that reflect the local culture and island lifestyle.

The retreat is designed to accommodate up to 8 guests, offering a cozy and personalized stay. Facilities include private bathrooms with hot water in each bungalow, and ceiling fans to ensure guest comfort amid the tropical climate. 

The resort also features a yoga shala and a centrally located restaurant and bar area, providing a communal space for guests to gather and socialise.  


Togat’s origional bungalows feature two king-size beds and an outdoor shower. 

Located at the trail’s end for enhanced privacy, ideal for romantic getaways with two king-size beds. 

Togat’s Family Bungalow features three separate rooms with two bathrooms, accommodating three or four guests with king-size beds that can be split into singles. 



At Togat Nusa Retreat, dining is a blend of traditional and Western culinary practices. The meals, crafted by experienced Indonesian chefs, feature locally sourced meats, fish, and produce, along with freshly baked breads and pastries. Breakfast options include fruit, yogurt, homemade granola, omelets, and pancakes. Lunches and dinners are served buffet-style with dishes like pizza, pasta, curries, and fresh fish. Special dietary needs can be accommodated with advance notice. 

The retreat also features a bar where guests can enjoy a variety of drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. The bar serves fresh juices, smoothies, cocktails, and a selection of beers and spirits, perfect for unwinding after a day of surfing or exploring the island. This setup complements the communal and cozy vibe of the dining area, making it an ideal spot for socialising and relaxation. 


Surf Togat Nusa Retreat

Surfing at Togat Nusa Retreat offers access to several renowned surf spots around Pitojat Island, all located within a short boat ride away. Key nearby surf breaks include Icelands, a big wave spot, and Scarecrows, a long lefthander directly out the front. Other spots include Suicides, a right-hander over a shallow reef, and Telescopes, known for long rides and reliable conditions. The area is surfable year-round. 

To access the surf, Togat Nusa Retreat offers a fleet of boats designed for both comfort and efficiency. A 9m aluminum speedboat is used for day trips and can accommodate up to 8 guests. This boat features a GPS, radio, essential safety equipment, a large roof for shade and padded seats with backrests. For local adventures, a traditional dugout canoe boat is available for guests, powered by two 40 horsepower Yamaha engines. Both boats are equipped with coolers for drinks and snacks, ensuring a refreshing experience while out in the surf. 



A bowling left hander right in your front yard at Togat Nusa Retreat. Scarecrows picks up a lot of swell, and on bigger, heavier days requires a bit of paddling and a bigger board. This wave can offer a good barrel on the inside section after some big carves on the outside.


Another swell magnet, this time a peak, that picks up any available swell. When Telescopes is big and pumping, Iceland can be 2-3 times bigger. A true big wave spot, this wave has been surfed at 20ft and is a great place for an adrenaline rush on your step up.


A heavy and unpredictable left with gnarly barrels over a very shallow, live coral reef. When it links up, it’s a remarkable wave, suitable for advanced surfers only and definitely at high tide.


Ridiculously perfect left, easily accessible from Awera Surf Resort, Togat Nusa Retreat and Villa Mentawai. A user-friendly wave with multiple good sections for barrels or turns. Telescopes likes a SW swell with SE winds.

Seven Palms

Shifty lefts off random peaks. This spot, rarely crowded, picks up plenty of swell but can be hard to surf.


A relatively under-the-radar right hander that’s fast and zippy breaking over shallow reef. Arikis can offer good barrel sections and is best at higher tide.

Omak Tidur

A long, slabbing right out the front of Awera Surf Resort with intense barrel sections on good days. This wave can be super challenging, and often seems surfable when it’s not. Always wait for the green light from your surf guide before attempting this one!


A fickle wrap-around left that can be challenging. This wave needs a big swell to come to life.

Playgrounds Area & Katiet Bay

Available at an additional charge, guests can also explore the Playgrounds area or Katiet Bay area for a full day during their stay at Togat Nusa Retreat. Here, guests will have the opportunity to surf famed breaks such as Lances Right, Lances Left, Bintangs, Beng-Beng, Kandui Left, Rifles and Hideaways.

Non-Surf Activities

At Togat Nusa Retreat, guests can enjoy a variety of non-surfing activities, making it a versatile destination for surfers, couples or families. The retreat offers yoga classes in an idyllic yoga shala with ocean views, focusing on improving balance, strength, and flexibility, beneficial not just for surfing but for general health as well. 

For those interested in exploring the underwater world, snorkeling around the nearby reefs or the retreat’s coral garden provides an opportunity to observe vibrant marine life in crystal clear waters. Additionally, fishing and beach hopping are popular activities for guests looking to enjoy their natural surroundings at a leisurely pace.  

Guests can also book photo and video packages to capture their adventures, which include professional shots of surfing sessions and other memorable moments during their stay. 


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Over the past year I was lucky enough to clock up some serious hours on the spectacular island of John and Ainsley's. Waking up in the serene jungle setting, birds singing up the sun. Breakfast... Read More >

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