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Flexible schedule, fun waves and an amazing culture

Taiwan sits strategically north of the Philippines and South West of Japan and is in perfect position to score the back-to-back swells that result from the northern hemisphere winter storms. The warm waters of Taiwan vary between 22-28 degrees all year round, so its boardies all the way. The peak season falls in the Aussie summer (November – March), so when we’re battling onshore slop and holiday crowds, Taiwan is dishing up the goods for anyone willing to take the plunge. It’s well worth the trip.

Taiwan is an everyman’s surfing destination and Taiwan Surf Adventures places a huge emphasis on creating an itinerary that works for you. The mountainous island of Taiwan teems with people in thriving, modern cities, but at the same time offers picture-perfect natural vistas. As you jet into the city of Kaohsiung (just a short flight from Hong Kong), the island below greets you with majestic peaks, rolling hills and plains, basins and inlets, tropical beaches and green forests. High-rise buildings and ancient temples play backdrop to numerous traditional folk festivals and ceremonies. Old and new live in harmony in Taiwan. While the north of the country is heavily populated, the south and east coasts retain that laid back, countryside atmosphere of the days of old. Rice paddies, fish farms, temples and small towns dot the landscape. Lying on the Tropic of Cancer, Taiwan experiences a tropical marine climate (it’s almost smack on the same latitude as Hawaii), which helps explain why the water is board-short friendly. And it has two different regions offering two wide swell windows…..

The East Coast has surf between November to March, collecting south heading swell from the northern hemisphere winter storms. The South of Taiwan (a peninsular) is open to a swell window from the SE to the SW and thrives on swells from a little as 100klms away to, well, as far as you can get. Pretty much the only piece of land to the east, between Taiwan and America, is Hawaii. That’s a lot of ocean with huge fetch.

East and South: variety is the spice of life

Surf both the East and South Coasts of Taiwan. Taiwan Surf Adventures offer South Coast and East Coast options in order to get the most of each season. Many clients have combined the two and scored amazing waves. When staying in the south, you are located on a peninsula that collects any southerly swell. The main break is a paddle away with a host of other spots within a 5 – 50 minutes drive. On the East Coast, you’ll stay in a coastal town slightly further from the beach (20 minutes drive) but unlike being at the near empty beaches of the South Coast, you’ll enjoy a host of restaurants, small local shops and intriguing temples, all within walking distance from your accommodation. Plus, with an incredibly scenic coastal drive to the waves, and many activities available, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at Taiwan’s delights.

January to April, June to December
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South Coast

Accommodation is 150m from the beach (with no other accommodation between you and the sand) and has a variety of restaurants within walking distance.

All Ocean Rooms feature:
– One double bed (maximum 2 persons)
– Balcony
– Free high speed internet
– Cable TV, AC, fridge, private bathroom
– Western breakfast included

East Coast

The Hacienda Boutique Hotel, is nestled at the foot of tropical mountains and overlooks the ocean.  Five surf breaks within 5 minutes’ drive (and many more beyond that!)

All Ocean Rooms feature:
– One double bed (maximum 2 persons)
– Oceanview Balcony
– Free high speed internet
– Cable TV, AC, fridge, private bathroom
– Western style breakfast included.

Multiple accommodation options in town on the East Coast
The main coastal town base (25 minutes drive from the waves, along a beautifully scenic stretch of coast) hosts a wide variety of restaurants as well as temples, live music, parks, shops, etc, all within walking distance from the accommodation.  Right by the surf there are some tiny towns with barely any amenities and there’s nothing at all whatsoever to do after dark.  With no restaurants, shops or entertainment within walking distance.  It’s also quicker and easier to access the hot springs, tea plantation and mountains from town.

All rooms feature:
– Free high speed internet
– Cable TV, AC, fridge, private bathroom
– Free bikes for use, bike trails in the town gardens and mellow bike trails around the town.
– Breakfast included

Surf Taiwan Surf Adventures

Taiwan delivers great swell.  Co-owner of Surf Taiwan adventures Neil Armstrong (Moonwalker) says “Taiwan is for your everyday regular surfer.  If folks are looking for death-defying 8ft slabs over razor-sharp shallow coral, it’s better to head to the Ments”.  That being said, Taiwan can still offer barrels if that’s what you’re looking for, but the majority of the time you’ll find easy-going makeable waves breaking over sand, reef and cobblestone points.  We think you’ll be surprised by the amount and sheer variety of surf.  Taiwan offers the opportunity for a real surf adventure whilst being surrounded by a beautiful and embracing culture.

East Coast Waves:

Best Time of Year:  November through to March

Water Temp: 22 – 25C / 72 – 77F
Climate: 24 – 27C / 75 – 79F

The sparsely populated East Coast of Taiwan offers a host of river mouths, beach breaks and point breaks.  Storms forming near Japan move through the North Pacific and deliver swell to Hawaii in their peak winter season.  Taiwan’s East Coast, sitting within this wide swell window receives an abundance of groundswell.  In addition to this, there is enough fetch from storms in the North Pacific for plenty of good wind swell that’s groomed and delivered in clean, stacked lines.  The waves on Taiwan’s East Coast are suitable for all levels of surfers – from beginners to pro’s and families.

South Coast Waves:

Best Time of Year:  June through to October:

Water Temp: 24 – 28C / 75 – 82F
Climate: 25 – 32C / 77 – 89F

As the south of the island is a peninsular, surf can be found on either side.  Plus if it’s onshore on one side, it’s offshore on the other.  Surf breaks are either cobblestone points, river mouths, sandy beach breaks as well as the odd rock/reef break.  Situated between Japan and the Philippines, the surf in Taiwan is far less crowded than the former, and more consistent and in a much safer environment than the latter.  The waves on the south coast are many and varied and there are spots suitable for all levels of surfers – from beginners to pro’s and families.  Summertime brings typhoons, and with it plenty of waves.  But even without the bonus of typhoon swell, the surf is consistent – just check the vast unobstructed fetch of the Pacific Ocean to Taiwan’s East.

Mid April – Mid June:

Water Temp: 23 – 27C / 74 – 76F
Climate: 25 – 29C / 76 – 85F

This is the least consistent time of the year for waves. If you’re keen to do a trip that revolves around surf, we recommend going another time.  But as with other months of the year Surf Taiwan are always prepared, fully mobile and if there are waves, they’ll get you to them, on either coast at anytime!  Plus there’s so much do to in Taiwan; markets, temples, restaurants, hot springs, mountain drives, island exploration, scuba diving and more – never a dull moment.

Friendly heads up

If a typhoon does get too close, authorities will call a land and sea warning, restricting boat and water activities.  Even when a warning is called our guides know some out-of-the-way spots where you’re still likely to get wet – plus a weather pattern from a typhoon rarely affects the country for more than 48 hours as they tend to move quickly.  On average, there are 19 typhoons per season in the Asia-Pacific region – with perhaps 3 making landfall in Taiwan, usually in the E and NE regions.  This is the best season for surf on Taiwan’s south coast – away from the typhoons and open to nice, groomed groundswell.


Surf Guides

Experience Taiwan with an expert Western guide

You’ll fly into the city of Kaohsiung, one of Asia’s major ports, in the SW of the country.  You’ll be met here by a bilingual surf guide and driven to either the East or South Coast depending on the time of year you travel.  The program whilst there is simply surf in warm water,  chill out in tropical surrounds and sunshine, dine on an amazing variety of great food and experience an intriguing culture.  As you can see in the surf trip reviews, everyone loves their Taiwan experience.  We don’t recommend this trip for hard-core chargers who are only looking for advanced surf and big barrels.  This trip is ideal for crew who are keen to surf a variety of waves from beach breaks to river mouths to point breaks, and are happy to surf a fun board or a longboard as well as a standard short board.  The overall experience of a new culture, great waves and friendly locals make Taiwan a must do for any surfer looking for a new experience.

Non-Surf Activities

On the South Coast you’ll find temples, restaurants (local and western), an amazing national aquarium (whale sharks, beluga whales, penguins – the place is amazing), go karts, skeet shooting, snorkelling, beaches (surf and non-surf) to relax on and SUP’s to cruise the outside reefs if the waves are flat.  Waterholes, scenic tours around the national park, hot springs, and night markets.

On the East Coast you won’t get bored either; there’s temples, restaurants (local and western), scenic tours, tea plantations, night-markets, national park (yes another one) hot springs (many to choose from – small entrance fee); mellow bike trails wind all around the town (suitable for families – free bikes provided).

All drives and routes around the countryside are very scenic.  Please note that Taiwan Surf Adventures place a huge emphasis on personal flexibility – the team work within your schedule.  You choose your own surf times and they take care of the rest.



for Taiwan Surf Adventures

Great experience! World Surfaris staff very helpful, would recommend to all.

Michael O
Date of Stay: July, August
Surf Stoke5
World Surfaris Service5
Quality of Trip5

A very safe country, friendly people, excellent food and damn good waves. Surfed 5 out of the 6 days that we spent on the coast The highlight was getting a certain east coast wave absolutely... Read More >

Tim J
Date of Stay: 20-29 Dec 2018
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

Many highlights, the guides were all time good fun guys who ran the trip at your pace depending on what was on offer each day, surfed six different spots in 2 weeks on both south... Read More >

Peter R
Date of Stay: 10-23 Sep 2017
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

I surfed 7 out of 8 days in the in-between season and scored great sessions on a left on my shorty with just three of us out, in warm water, with stunning scenery and no... Read More >

Ashley S
Date of Stay: April 2014
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food4

Overall it was a good trip. The weather was a bit fickle however the waves were good when you could get on them. Neil did a very good job of keeping us busy with cultural... Read More >

Rick N
Date of Stay: November 2014
Surf Stoke3
Quality of Food5


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