Macaronis Surf Resort

Macaronis Surf Resort, nestled in the idyllic Mentawai Islands close to one of the world’s top surf spots, is the ultimate surf trip experience for surfers and their loved ones. This premier surf resort is renowned for its exceptional amenities, including air-conditioned accommodation, a lagoon-style swimming pool, spa, and a 24-hour live surf cam of the world-class left-hander Macaronis, breaking just 5-minutes away by speedboat. 

Guests at Macaronis Surf Resort can enjoy breathtaking views of a pristine lagoon and easy access to a variety of activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, fishing, and snorkeling, making it an ideal spot for surfers, their families, and anyone in between. Not to mention the array of top-tier waves out the front and nearby, including Macaronis, Greenbush, Macaronis Right and Bat Caves. 

Recognising the importance of a family-friendly experience, Macaronis Surf Resort also provides child-minding services, ensuring that parents can enjoy their time in the surf or soak in the serene beauty of the Mentawai Islands with the assurance that their children are cared for.


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Surf Training & Coaching

If you’re an advanced beginner or intermediate level surfer looking to refine your skills and take on a challenge, Macaronis Surf Resort is where you’ll want to be during the prime months of January, February, and March. Join a like-minded community of other surfers for the ultimate adventure in the heart of the Mentawai islands, through the exclusive Surf Clinic experiences offered by Macaronis Surf Resort. 

Surf Clinic guests can dive into daily training sessions that cover both surf and land-based exercises, benefit from the keen eye of a dedicated surf photographer capturing every moment of progress, and immerse themselves in the stunning natural beauty of the Mentawai Islands.  

Commitment To Sustainable Tourism

Macaronis Surf Resort is deeply committed to supporting and uplifting the local community in the Mentawai Islands, demonstrating this commitment through a variety of meaningful initiatives. For every guest that stays at the surf resort, a predetermined contribution is made nightly directly to the local village, ensuring a consistent flow of support that benefits the entire community. 

Macaronis Surf Resort also actively engages in sustainable employment and sourcing practices by hiring locally and purchasing fresh produce directly from local farmers and fishermen.  

Beyond economic support, Macaronis Surf Resort extends its community engagement through direct contributions to local projects, infrastructure development, and educational foundations. 


At Macaronis Surf Resort, the accommodation options are tailored to cater to every aspect of your stay. Designed with surfers and families in mind, the suites provide the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. 

Imagine unwinding with a hot shower after a long day in the surf, relaxing in the cool embrace of air conditioning during a midday siesta, or tuning into the live Macaronis surf cam to spot fellow guests score the best waves of their lives. 

Each room is equipped with modern amenities and boasts spectacular views coupled with refreshing sea breezes. It’s the ideal retreat for recharging after a day in the surf or engaging in the plethora of activities available at the surf resort. 

Twin Share Deluxe Suites

Twin Share Deluxe Suites, situated on the second floor of the main building, offer unrivaled views of the ocean and lagoon-style swimming pool.

Each suite features a spacious veranda with comfortable seating and drop-down shades for privacy. With a special focus on thermal and acoustic insulation, the Twin Share Deluxe Suites remain cool, serene and completely soundproof all year around, maximising guest comfort.

The suites come equipped with an array of amenities designed for convenience and relaxation, including: 

  • En-suite bathrooms with hot water. 
  • Split air conditioning for customisable climate control and a rotating wall fan. 
  • 32″ flat-screen TV, offering international channels, sports, and the live Macaronis surf cam. 
  • A work desk and complimentary in-room WiFi access. 
  • Bed configuration options of a queen bed or two king singles, featuring new mattresses and bedding for a restful sleep. 
  • Daily housekeeping service and fresh towels. 

Family-Sized Deluxe Suites, ideally positioned near the lagoon-style swimming pool and amidst lush tropical gardens, offer the ultimate retreat for families seeking comfort, privacy, and space.

These suites are flexible in their setup to cater to your family’s specific needs, accommodating up to four guests per suite. For families of five or six, suites with adjoining rooms are available providing a seamless arrangement where two adults can stay in one room and up to four children in the other.

A shaded outdoor living space and surrounding gardens offer serene spots for relaxation, yoga, or enjoying a sunset Bintang with loved ones.

Key features of the Family-Sized Deluxe Suites include: 

  • En-suite bathrooms equipped with hot water. 
  • Split air conditioning and a water dispenser for ultimate comfort. 
  • Enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation ensuring a peaceful environment. 
  • 32″ flat-screen TV, offering international channels, sports, and the live Macaronis surf cam. 
  • A work desk and complimentary in-room WiFi access. 
  • Bed configuration options of a queen or two king singles, plus a double sofa bed, all with new mattresses and bedding. 
  • Daily housekeeping service providing fresh towels. 


The main bar and restaurant forms the heart of Macaronis Surf Resort, positioned on the ground floor of the main building with options for both indoor dining and outdoor seating by the pool. Here, guests can savor three meals daily plus snacks, unwind with a refreshing beer or cocktail in hand, or review the day’s surfing highlights captured by the professional on-site surf photographers. 

The team of experienced chefs at Macaronis Surf Resort takes pride in serving a rich variety of meals that blend international flavors with traditional Indonesian cuisine. From freshly prepared seafood and a selection of meats to an array of vegetarian options, soups, curries, salads, pizzas, delectable desserts and baked treats, every palate is catered to. All meals follow a set menu structure, with room to accommodate dietary requirements or food preferences upon request. Flexible dining times are also offered at Macaronis Surf Resort, ensuring guests can prioritise time in the surf. 

The bar boasts an extensive selection of cocktails, wines, spirits, beers, espresso, and snacks. For entertainment, a billiard and ping-pong table add to the fun, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. 

With excellent soundproofing throughout the main building, guests can enjoy a lively evening or retreat for a peaceful night’s rest. 

Surf Macaronis Surf Resort

Surfers of all levels will find waves that cater to their skill set, all within a stone’s throw from Macaronis Surf Resort. The crown jewel, Macaronis, is a flawless, consistent left-hander that delivers regardless of the tide, swell, or wind condition, making it a favourite for many. For beginners or families with children, a fun right-hand beach break is conveniently located out the front, and the surrounding area is dotted with several other reef breaks ranging in intensity.  

Peak season sees a variety of swells, with Macaronis becoming progressively more challenging as the swell increases. On larger swells, surfers tend to disperse based on their skill level and crowd regulations in the area, allowing experienced surfers to enjoy Macaronis to themselves or venture further to Greenbush to get their barrel fix.  

In the off-season, with fewer charters in operation, guests can enjoy consistent, mellow, and far less crowded conditions locally and further south.  

Upon request, Lances Right (HTs) and Lances Left are accessible within 60-minutes by speedboat ride, weather permitting.  

For surfers packing light, a quiver of Firewire Surfboards are available for hire, including fins and leashes. Guests can easily find a board that suits their style, with new boards arriving 2-3 times annually. 



A picture-perfect left with multiple barrel sections, just a 5-minute speedboat ride across the bay from Macaronis Surf Resort. Macaronis is widely considered the world’s most fun left – it’s just barrel, turn, barrel, turn over and over again! Macaronis is a super consistent wave that breaks on any swell but is best on a SW swell with E/SE winds.

Mini Maccas

A much smaller and shallower version of Macaronis, worth considering on a big swell at high tide, and is usually about a quarter of the size of Macaronis.

Maccas Right

A shifty right across the bay from Macaronis, that occasionally links up into a couple of sections. This is a popular wave for those chasing a mellow, less crowded session.


The ultimate wave for groms or beginners! This is a perfect sand bottom right, just a 5-minute paddle down from Macaronis Surf Resort.

Bat Caves

A novelty right hander breaking off a beautiful tropical island. This wave can be fun on a longboard or a fish.


A incredibly perfect barrelling left, 45 minutes by speedboat from Macaronis Surf Resort. This is a heavy wave, over shallow reef. Greenbush needs a combination of high tide, S swell and N wind. Expect a steep drop into an intense barrel that may or may not let you out. This wave is suited to experienced surfers only.

Pagai South Area


A playful rippable right that peels into a picturesque bay. Expect almond shaped barrels and beautiful carveable walls. This wave is a 60-minute speedboat tide from Macaronis Surf Resort.

Rags Left

A shallow, hollow barrel. Fickle, but when it’s on, it’s on.

Rags Right

A super shallow right-hand barrel that can be one of the best in the Mentawai Islands, best suited to advanced surfers only. There’s potential to score utter perfection boasting multiple barrel sections.


A swell magnet that picks up almost any available swell and handles S winds. This wave can get popular with charter boats if it’s the only spot that’s working, but the shifting peaks handle a crowd well. Expect an easy take off into a predictable barrel on the inside section. Around the corner is gnarly secret spot if you’re feeling up for it, ask your surf guide!

The Hole

A flawless left-hand barrel. Short, intense, but truly one of the best waves in the Mentawai Islands when it’s on. The wave can be fickle, and needs a S swell, E wind and a confident skipper to navigate the tender.


A big open-ocean point-break-style right with some unpredictable sections but a good ride on its day.


A long, sometimes perfect left. Good barrel sections and space for some powerful turns.


Non-Surf Activities

The tropical paradise that surrounds Macaronis Surf Resort offers so much more than incredible surfing. The resort is fully equipped with a variety of recreational gear, including kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, fishing equipment, and snorkeling sets. 

Guests can take advantage of the fleet of speedboats complete with knowledgeable guides for an array of activities such as local village tours, snorkeling excursions and fishing adventures.  

Two picturesque beaches are easily accessible from Macaronis Surf Resort. One is a short walk away dotted with large, beautiful shells nestled among the coral, and the other is reachable by paddleboard, kayak or a leisurely swim.  

Other recreational on-site facilities at Macaronis Surf Resort include a lagoon-style swimming pool, a holistic wellness spa and an open-air yoga studio. 


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