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Prepare yourself for an unforgettable surf trip in North Sumatra on board Jiwa Charters, a stunning custom-built surf charter. You’ll encounter some of the best waves of your life in the wave-rich regions of North Sumatra, the Banyaks and Nias. Escape the crowds and get ready to pull into some North Sumatran perfection. 

The experienced crew on board Jiwa Charters is second-to-none, and they offer a wealth of experience surfing Indonesia and beyond. They are passionate about helping guests seek out empty waves and aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to find the best waves on offer in any given conditions. 

Explore North Sumatra with Jiwa Charters

Jiwa Charters is a 23-metre ironwood Phinisi, an amazing vessel that blends perfectly into the stunning surroundings of North Sumatra. Jump on board Jiwa and take off on an adventure to hunt down epic waves and experience the raw beauty of this Indonesian surf destination. 

Jiwa offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the region’s stunning scenery while seeking out the most perfect, empty waves in the area. Thanks to an experienced crew, you’ll often find that Jiwa is the only charter boat at the surf break, meaning more waves for you! 

March to November
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Fishing, Nature, Snorkeling
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An Authentic Indonesian Adventure

When you’re not chasing down waves on Jiwa, there are plenty of other activities including fishing, diving, snorkelling or just relaxing on board as the vessel cruises past tropical islands and stops at breathtaking anchorages. On board Jiwa Charters you’ll experience an authentic Indonesian adventure and gain memories that will last a lifetime. 


Jiwa Charters is a spacious boat that accommodates up to 10 guests over three separate levels, with 10 single beds and two bathrooms. Sleeping quarters are air-conditioned and feature a TV.

Between surfs, guests can relax on the shaded top deck on a day mattress, the perfect place to unwind and watch other surfers get the best waves of their lives. The fore deck is another spot to chill out, with a large canopy to block the sun and a comfortable seating area. At Jiwa’s stern, you’ll find the saloon, a spacious dining area that backs onto the kitchen. 



The food guests receive on World Surfaris boat trips is well-known for its quality, and the meals on board Jiwa Charters are no exception. Healthy and delicious meals and snacks are prepared daily by your onboard chef, ensuring you have enough energy to keep surfing all day. 

The chef on board Jiwa Charters serves a mix of Western and traditional Indonesian meals, including fresh fruit and vegetables and if available fresh Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Snapper and other locally caught fish. 

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Surf Jiwa Charters

The Jiwa Charters’ crew prefers to avoid the popular, crowded waves, instead opting to explore lesser known, empty surf breaks. The crew are happy to search further afield to find the best waves on offer. 

Aceh, The Banyaks, Hinakos and Nias are regular stops for Jiwa Charters, with an incredible variety of waves from lefts, rights, hollow tube rides and long walls. This region of Indonesia is a surfer’s playground and the variety of waves on offer isn’t comparable to anywhere else in the world. 

The Breaks

Depending on the surf conditions, Jiwa Charters explores waves found in North Sumatra, including The Banyaks, Aceh, Nias and the Telo Islands. Each year the charter also offers a handful of surf trips to the Mentawai Islands.


Surf Guides

On board Jiwa Charters, Eugene is the trip coordinator and full-time surf guide. He ensures you get the most out of your North Sumatra surf trip and takes care of all the small details that make a trip memorable. 

As one of the UK’s top surfers, Eugene has extensive knowledge of this region and has a knack for finding those magic solo sessions away from the usual crowds of Indonesian surf breaks. Indo veteran Kwab is also on board to impart his vast knowledge of Indonesia and as a surf and free dive enthusiast since the 90s, he’s more than happy to share his tips and advice. 

Non-Surf Activities

There’s plenty of equipment on board Jiwa Charters to keep you entertained when you’re not surfing. Activities include free diving and stand-up paddleboarding, or you can go fishing and see if you can bring in a fish for the chef to cook for dinner. The Jiwa crew encourages guests to go ashore and explore the local villages, culture and some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. 



for Jiwa Charters

The World Surfaris team and Jiwa crew had everything wired making for a trouble fee trip and Eugene got the boys into the best waves every day.

Sean S
Date of Stay: 15-28 Oct 2017
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food4

Couldn't have asked for more from our late season trip to Nias, Hinako and Telos islands. The surf guide, Eugene, has the area dialled and kept us in empty waves day after day. We surfed... Read More >

Denis W
Date of Stay: 16-27 Oct 2017
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food3

Plenty of uncrowded waves, great food and quality crew.

Peter C
Date of Stay: 16-27 Oct 2017
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food4


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