The worlds best Surf Charter just got better

Early in 2018 World Surfaris jumped aboard the PNG Explorer to see what all the fuss was about. To see if what they said about a tropical oasis of uncrowded waves was true and to see why so many call the PNG Explorer one of, if not the greatest surf trip on the planet. The results of this expedition were outstanding and World Surfaris very own Josh Allen, gave it the double thumbs up after witnessing or lack there of other surfers during his 10 day surf trip with Undies, Peely and the PNG Explorer crew. 

To our astonishment, the boat has undergone another refit and some how improved even more than previous seasons. She is now primed for her first sailing in October 2018! 

What can guests expect this season?

  • Brand new Yamaha Wave Runner (jet ski)
  • New surfboard racks that create more deck space and can now accommodate up to 45 surfboards
  • New salon area (arguably the best upgrade of them all)
  • Gen sets have been silenced up to 20%
  • Internet is now available for those who wish to purchase 
  • New awnings at the bow and stern creating a much larger shaded area
  • New Air Conditioning 

There are also a few tweaks to other areas of the boat which repeaters will pick up on. 

If you would like to jump on the PNG Explorer this season, there are very limited spots available. You can check the 2018/19 SCHEDULE HERE to get info and make an enquiry. Otherwise you should probably think about next season (2019/20). 

All imagery provided by Chris Peel


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