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World Surfaris x Mad Hueys: Q&A with the Hazza Twins

A couple weeks back, the Mad Hueys embarked on a fishing and surfing mission up north to the Great Barrier Reef and beyond. With over 500km of outer reef to explore, and remote, uncrowded waves to discover, this trip was bound to be an unforgettable one.

WARNING: The Mad Huey’s are globally recognised for their vulgarity, humour and pure lunacy, but with the world as we know it on hold, we reckon everyone needs a bit of a laugh. Enjoy!


World Surfaris: What did the average day look like out there?

Hazza Twins: Before even waking up properly each morning, Daz (the chef) would already have a crazy spread of food waiting for us to eat. How good!? We’d check the swell and wind forecast, and if it was good for surfing we’d surf, and if It wasn’t we’d fish. Or, we’d get right to it and crack open a cold one on the port side or starboard side with the lads! There were no rules out there.


World Surfaris: Highlight of the trip and why?

Hazza Twins: Definetely the time that Callum slept with a bucket on his head (he’s a much better person with a bucket on his head!). The fishing was also amazing out there, although Brenno must have felt really small… all the fish were way bigger than him!


World Surfaris: Any hot tips for someone looking at booking this trip with World Surfaris?

Hazza Twins: Bring shit loads of beers, stubby coolers and extra shoes (Shoeys!). No matter how the situation turns with the weather, you’ve still got all of your best mates out there and you’re going to have the time of your life!


World Surfaris: Best crew members and why?

Hazza Twins: Best crew member was Daz the chef, by far. Daz is the best cook, and the best techno-spoon-rave-dancer in Australia! Best of our Mad Huey’s crew was Midget Magic (Brenno). He’s never in the way because he’s so small, and you don’t even know he’s there until you hear his high-pitched voice singing like an angel. We all had such a sick trip, everyone who joined us were fucking legends and we can’t wait to get back out there to do it again!


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