World Surfaris supports sustainable surf tourism with SAPNG

The Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea (SAPNG) is an organisation designed to ensure communities benefit from local surf tourism initiatives.  SAPNG’s other major initiative is to significantly increase the participation level of female surfers in PNG.  

World Surfaris has embraced SAPNG’s modus operandi whole heartedly, becoming the leading surf tourism agency for PNG, with World Surfaris co-founder Shaun Levings having spent considerable time in the country discovering and pioneering.

The World Surfaris / SAPNG relationship has been forged over many years, with World Surfaris joining the Association back in 1997.

Under the vision and guidance of the SAPNG Patron Justice Nicholas Kirriwom and the President of SAPNG Mr Andrew Abel, camps have been established in key surf locations throughout PNG, employing locals and enlisting strict rules around surfer numbers and environmental impacts. 

World Surfaris is proud to represent these traditional surf camps set in idyllic surroundings and surf charters on board the famous PNG Explorer. As an example, the surf management plan in the Ulingan Bay area is capped at 20 surfers with a maximum of 12 surfers who can stay at Tupira Surf Club. Tupira Surf Club was established in 2008.

Here’s a video about the surf, the people and the amazing frontier of surfing on Australia’s doorstep:

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More information about SAPNG can be found here.


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