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Welcome to Polynsion paradise! Savaii Surfaris in Samoa is the perfect destination for surfers looking for a simple and uncomplicated surf trip, complete with guaranteed uncrowded waves, delicious local food, beach front bungalows and friendly hosts.


The Basics

Region: Savaii Island, Samoa

Season: All Year Round

Surf Skill: Intermediate


The Highlights

Your hosts, Aussie expat Keith Martin and his Samoan wife Lanuola, know Savaii’s surf better than anyone, and oversee the preparation of the most delicious, locally sourced and grown meals in Samoa. The couple have an abundance of experience hosting surfers, and their hospitality truly becomes a highlight of the trip.


The Waves

The incredible part about most breaks on Savaii is how accessible they are. Nearly ALL of Savaii’s waves, including the main break right out the front, are a short walk and paddle from the beach. Although, if you’re up for a bit of an adventure to an outer reef, there’s another epic 10 waves all within a hour’s boat ride.


The Crew

Andy and Chris, Savaii’s resident surf guides, are seriously good at what they do. Qualified and well-trained in wave hunting, surf photography, risk management and emergency safety procedures, these guys take everything worth worrying about off your hands.



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