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WIN The Golden Passport: Maavahi Charters (1 of 3 FREE Surf Trips!)

It’s been one hell of a year, and we reckon everyone needs a little something to look forward to. So, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Kingfisher Resort, Maavahi Charters and Savaii Surfaris to offer you and a mate 3 FREE surf trips. It’ll be like winning a Golden Passport. So, what are you waiting for!? Make up for a year of no surf travel, with a year of free surf travel! Enter here for your chance to win. Oh, and you’ll also score a bunch of cheap subscriptions from Surfing Life, Swellnet, Garage Entertainment, Cake Club and Holistic Health with every entry.


The Maavahi is a purpose-built vessel perfect for navigating the tight and shallow reef passes of the Outer Atolls in the Maldives. With 6 spacious and air-conditioned guest cabins, indoor and outdoor dining areas and a shaded sun deck, the Maavahi is a world-class surf charter for surfers chasing endless, uncrowded waves.


The Basics

Region: Outer Atolls, Maldives

Season: March – October

Surf Skill: Beginning – Intermediate


The Highlights

There are significantly fewer surf charters and surf resorts operating in the Outer Atolls, so even the most popular spots in this region tend to be relatively uncrowded. Of all the Maldives’ surf spots, the breaks in the Outer Atolls remain among the most secluded and idyllic, preserving the reality of a remote island paradise that comes complete with incredible waves.


The Waves

We like to keep an element of surprise and not list every break you’ll surf during your charter, but, we will tell you this: the Outer Atolls has it all. Lefts, rights, tubes, big waves, small waves… You name it, and we’ll make sure you surf it!


The Crew

With a natural talent in surfing and years of experience exploring the Outer Atolls, Rob Hoja (AKA “Hoobx”) is the perfect surf guide to take you on a wave-hunting journey aboard the Maavahi. Other crew members include the captain at the helm of the vessel, as well as an experienced chef who serves up delicious meals 3 times a day. Then, there’s you and 11 of your best mates!



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