Why you should consider low season Mentawais

Surfing the Low Season in the Mentawais is just as good if not better than peak season! 

Imagine the perfect scenario of a surftrip of a lifetime: perfect waves, gentle wind, warm water and only you and your friends in the water sharing the lineup!

That´s how 2018 began for the Moon Palikir. A group of Japanese surfers who obviously knew more than the rest of us scored excellent conditions in the typically low season of the Indian Ocean.

From the waves of Playgrounds, past Lances Right, to Greenbush further south, we confirmed what we already knew: Mentawai is ticking all year long!

In a boat trip the possibility of locomotion allows to surf in the best hours and conditions of each wave. This is how our trip followed and secured so many good barrels and empty lineups to blow the minds of our clients from Japan.


Low season trips are slowly but surely becoming the new ‘peak season’ and if you and your pals want to chase slightly smaller waves in an uncrowded environment then Moon Palikir and World Surfaris can make that happen. 

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