Why is there no one here!!!

After a long but very comfortable flight with Air Niugini. I arrived in Pohnpei. It’s great to be back for another season, I have been coming here for 12 years and Its feels like a second home to me these days.

After a well needed rest I was reunited with my good mate and Pohnpei Surf Club pioneer, Allois Malfitani and his beautiful other half Valentina.

Before too long we were on our way to the famed right hander, P-PASS…just Allois and I this time! No guests at all. Not sure why people hold off until peak season to come over here. Whatever gossip you have been given about P-Pass in early season is wrong…the early season pumps! And there is no one here to drop in on you!

We had super fun 2 – 4 foot waves all day and not a surfer to be seen for miles. Nothing better than washing the plane grime off, surfing empty perfect waves with your best mate.

The swell has dropped slightly over the last couple of days. Time to explore the beautiful surrounds of Sokehs rock that overlook the mangrove bay hotel, where the PSC is located.

New swell in the next few days! PSC is very active in looking after the environment on the island .   Saturday is our ocean clean up drive.

Watch out for my next blog.


Photos by Simon ‘swilly’ Williams – https://swilly.com.au/ 

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