Why August is such a good month for surfers in the Maldives

Usually when we are planning our surf trip for the year, there is a lot to consider… Price, logistics, how much time off the boss can give you and of course, wave quality to expect!

Whether you are looking to get away sometime this year and are flexible with your dates OR if August is the only time you can get away from the office or work site, then you have chosen a great time! 

August is that month which falls straight in the middle of the Indian Ocean swell window. By this point there have been many swells before it and a few lucky folk have been greeted with perfect waves they never dreamt of surfing. The chances of this happening in August at Hudhuranfushi Resort are very high! 

Of course, we don’t want to jynx this and mother nature can sometimes be a touchy subject, however we do have proof to back it up! 

Below is an assortment of August archive files from Richard Kotch (Head of surfing at Hudhuranfushi Resort).

So sit back and click your way through 3 seasons of August waveporn! 

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