Wet Season in Lakey Peak

Well this month was a weird and wonderful experience. November usually the month that a lot of Surf camp/boat owners and there mates month. It usually brings less people which means less people in the water and some sneaky swells too. Although the crowds were thin, so were the swells this year. November, featured 1 to 4 foot waves.. with the first half of November with strong tradewinds presenting themselves and making the wave faces a bit bumpy. But thankfully when our guests from Mujimba Boardriders on their annual father and son trip, the winds backed off almost completely and we managed to have loads of fun, surfing twice a day in nice conditions for this time of year.

November brought the first serious down-pour of wet season. Which was enjoyed by everyone as well as the gardens. The wet season in Sumbawa, Lombok as well as Bali is also known as the the Green Season because after such a long run of dry weather most plant life is dead. Contrary to what many think, it doesn’t actually rain that much. We usually get storms but most of the time its blue skies and uncrowded waves throughout the day.

I have been coming to Lakey Peak for many years during wet seasn (Dec-Mar) surfing twice a day with minimal crowds and the odd shower here and there to water the gardens.

Because I love wet season so much in Lakeys I want to show you myself, so from Dec to March 2019 we are offering PAY 4 STAY 6 DEALS.

Get the quiver together and lock yourselves in and I’ll see you soon!


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