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Surf Report – 18/10/16

resort latitude zero, surfing, Indonesia, Telo Islands, tropical, surf report

With a new swell forecasted the boats were off the moorings at first light.

Guests and guides were warmly greeted by 2-4 foot glassy, Sumatran perfection. With not a breath of wind accompanied by a nice clean south swell the entire Telo Island chain was on fire.

Safe to say everyone had their share of waves, with guests maximising their wave count, surfing from sun up to sun down.


Surf Report – 14/10/16

resort, surfing, Indonesia, Telo Islands, Sumatra, surf report, equator

Fun waves have been on offer for the current RLZ guests this week in the Telo Islands, Sumatra.

As Huey took a break in between swells, there was still a lot of fun to be had for all involved. Lefts, Rights along with A-frames from the very north to the very south of the island chain.

Only a couple of days until the new swell. Guest are utilising these days to recover from all the surfing …

Surf Report – 11/10/16resort latitude zero, surfing, Indonesia, sequence, photo, Telo Islands, stoke, tube

Something a little bit different for all those who religiously follow our surf reports.

This sequence is of Mr. Dean Brady aka The Rig, straight off the plane and into some Telo Islands magic.

Two Tubes, Two Spits, Two Fins.

– Latitude Larry

Surf Report – 09/10/16

resort latitude zero, surfing, Indonesia, Sumatra, holiday

As the working week comes to an end so has a great run of Sumatran swell, still leaving us with some perfect / playful reeling right handers.

For some guest it was the last day of the trip, what a great way to round off the holiday with young Max spending 6 hours in the water!! As seen within this report, even with a small swell forecasted there are multiple swell magnets located throughout …

Surf Report – 07/10/16

surfing, resort, fishing, Telo Islands, Sumatra, Indonesia, holiday, resort latitude zero

The consistent northerly winds have continued, while a predicted swell system rolled through the Telo Island chain.

Offering the current guests windows of perfect surf conditions, with the versatility of our speed boats and the small group size of the Premium Bungalows.

The guys have been wave hopping and maximising the various different surf spots available here at Resort Latitude Zero

Surf Report – 04/10/16

resort, Indonesia, surfing, surf report, Telo Islands, Sumatra, resort latitude zero, latitude zero, equator

Telo Islands, Sumatra has done it yet again, greeting our fresh group of guests with ideal conditions.

Right-handers have been the predominate waves over the last few days, offering a variety of heavy barrels and big turn sections. With a new swell on the way accompanied by a light wind forecast, this equatorial region is looking to be on fire!

Make sure you have a quick look at the Grom… 

Two Days In The Tube

surfing, tracks magazine, Indonesia, yacht, boat trip, Mangalui

Four and half minutes of mindless barrels from the Tracks Goodfellas trip.

On the recent Tracks Goodfellas trip we scored two days of impossibly perfect funnels at a rarely shot Indo left. The Goodfellas’ original edit featured a more eclectic surfing mix, but this clip is a full-blown Ode to the tube. See story and photos from the session below.     

Surf Report – 01/10/16

resort latitude zero, surfing, waves, report, tropical, Indonesia

Traveling down the straight as the sun is coming up, our first indicator of waves was looking quiet promising.

As we got to our first port of call we could see that Huey once again wasn’t letting us down. A solid south swell provided us with shade from the sun, opening up spots that were more on the fun side.

The beauty of the Telo region is you can get barrels in the morning an be pract…

Surf Report – 29/09/16

resort, fox sport, surfing, Indonesia, Telo Islands, resort latitude zero, surf report

For the past week, the team from Fox Sports have taken up residents in our Premium Bungalows.

The guys have been in the filming for “Resort Latitude Zero – Series 2” following along the surf trip and lifestyle here in the Telo islands. The group was made up of Simon Anderson, Rabbit Bartholomew and son Jaggar, Luke Egan along with music star Ash Grunwald and Aussie tennis great Mark Philipoussi…

Surf Report – 26/09/16

resort, surfing, Indonesia, resort latitude zero, Telo Islands, Sumatra

Ideal conditions here in the Telo Islands, Sumatra bring in the new week.

Fresh resort guests were treated to fun playful right handers straight off the plane. Always a nice way to wash off the travel grease and find those sea legs, as they spent all afternoon in the water.

Today was the beginning of a new swell, looking very promising for the rest of the week with similar conditions accomp…

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