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WavePool or WavePark???

The Wave Pool in Leemore, California has been lighting up our TV screens since Saturday morning (5th May, 2018). The feedback at World Surfaris HQ has been mixed. Some say the contest started getting a little too predictable. The left hander was a matter of speed turns, floaters and one round barrel section to finish. The right was 3 turns into a 10 second barrel, another 2 or 3 turns into a longer, faster barrel section with a big finish. Sure, this would be amazing to surf but it got repetitive and boring viewing after 2 heats were over. 

For us and we assume many around the world, the beauty of surfing in the ocean is the fact you never surf the same wave twice and some days are better than others. 

WavePark claim to have one of the best, most mechanical waves on the planet at their doorstep. World Surfaris agree! 

WavePark claim that once you arrive to their resort, you wont want to leave, we agree! 

WavePark claim that its much better to fly to Indo, jump on a private speed boat to your resort and be surfing mother natures wave pool by the early afternoon…World Surfaris agrees! 


So in our opinion the jury is still out on the wavepool, Leemore, California. It certainly looks fun and a wave we all want to surf one day BUT will the feeling of surf travel ever be surpassed? Waking up to 2ft waves on a surf trip is annoying, but it is why the stoke, the froth and the joy of waking up to 4-6ft perfect peeling left-handers directly out front of your resort you are staying at is worth every penny you shelled out for the privilege! 

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