Until next time P-PASS

It has been a really great 7 weeks at PSC. I would like to thank Allois for everything.You are a great human. Plus one of best mates .. Valentina thanks for all the great food, and laughs.

To all the staff at the camp and hotel and huge thanks. Big thanks to Worldsurfaris for all the work and help . Thanks to Air Nuigini for the great flights, and looking after me. Can’t wait to use your brilliant services again later in the season.

To all the surfers at the camp cheers for making my job fun. You have been a great bunch. Looking forwad to seeing you back next season and I hope you enjoy the photos from your trips.

I’ll be back with a few pro’s for a big Swell in the next few months. There’es something brewing at the moment so who knows I could well be back in early January.


Next season, I will see you all from Oct to Dec, so book early, to get great photos and epic waves with no one around. October this season had 3ft+ waves for 17 days straight with only 2 guys and Allois surfing! 

P-PASS remains one of the most uncrowed spots on earth with so much to offer. There is a reason why they call it the best right in the world! 

Not to mention all the other waves around. Thank you Pohnpie you are always in my heart. One of the best destinations in the world! 


Swilly @swillpics

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