A unique Samoan surf adventure: Savaii Surfaris

Written by: Melissa Mitchell

Just before overseas travel ceased to exist, I was lucky enough to squeeze in a trip to Savaii Surfaris, located in Samoa.


March 2020, a perfect time to head to Samoa, light winds and plenty of ocean swell. The left and the right out the front of Savaii Surfaris was working to perfection. The only time the guys weren’t surfing during the day was to come in to re-energise with lunch, re-hydrate with a fresh coconut or plenty of water and reapply the sunscreen.


At night, the sound of the waves breaking in the distance would blend into my dreams while falling asleep in my private and unique open beach front fale. Such a simple way of living, the term “keep it simple” definitely applies to Savaii and contributes to the success of the comfortable, relaxing surf camp where every worry free day drifts into another.


This is also a great spot for families. The interior lagoon provides ample opportunity for snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding or simply relaxing on some kind of floatation device. It’s safe for toddlers under adult supervision, it’s relaxing and it’s a great place to watch the day go by…a lot faster than you think!


Savaii Surfaris is very easy to get to. Fly into Apia on the main island of Upolu. Savaii Surfaris staff will pick you up and drop you to the ferry terminal not far from the airport. The ferry time connects with the early morning flight arrival. All transfers are included and therefore, before you know it, you are off the plane and in Savaii – an hour away from the main island (Upolu) ….so easy!


Hopefully in the next few months Samoa will be included in the Pacific travel bubble. Only a 5 hour flight from Australia, it was such an easy journey and is at the top of my list to return to as soon as overseas travel is a reality again.

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