Tupira Surf Club Report by Andy Schwartz

Firstly I would just like to thank World Surfaris for thinking of me for the surf guide role at Tupira this year. Nikki has done a great job here for the past 7 seasons and he will be very hard to replace, I just hope myself and the other guides coming to the camp this year are able to service the guests and get them as frothing as other have in the past. 

My second week started off much like the first. Fun waves in the 3ft range with the right-hander out the front peeling down the point. This wave is amazing and suits a number of different level surfers no matter what type of board they ride. There is a fast, hollow section where you can get a nice barrel and a few longer wallier sections where you can get a nice cutback or snap in! 

The guests love this wave for a reason and its been our go-to wave for the week. 

Can’t wait to see what a growing swell due to hit on the 4th Dec looks like here.

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