A truly ‘unique’ adventure that is Fanning Island

An Oasis in the remote central pacific awaits the intrepid travelers, those looking to break the shackles of tried and tested destinations and the oft accompanying crowds.


Tabuaeran (formally Fanning Island), an hours charter flight from Kiritimati (Christmas Island), where azure waters meet palm fringed white sandy beaches and a tropical haze saturates the vibrant colors of the deep blue Pacific.


The epitome of a topical paradise, a remote coral atoll, a fantasy made reality.


The island has numerous perfect waves, lefts and rights, you will surf alone mostly,  maybe with one of the other 6 guests on the island.  You can fly fish the lagoon where record Bonefish, GT’s and Barracuda thrive, or go trolling and target  Tuna, Mahi Mahi or any of the numerous Game Fish that call this region home. Your expert waterman guide will ensure that the majority of your time is spent in the ocean, catching waves or fish a plenty.


Fancy some down time? Drift snorkeling, dinner catching (lobster diving) or village immersion provide some respite from the demands of surfing perfect waves and fishing untouched waters.


And after a day spent in the ocean, relax and enjoy personal service with a smile, a cold beverage and more lobster then you could ever hope to finish.


For those looking to explore the unknown, venture away from the norm and engage in  a truly unique experience, Tabuaeran Awaits

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