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Travel is back! Where to now?

Okay, thinking retrospectively, that two weeks to flatten the curve sure did drag on… and on! In essence, wanderlust was in lockdown, but patience is a virtue and the world is opening up! Surf travel back on the bucket list. So, while the Southern hemisphere is heading into winter, the Indian Ocean is waking up – the breaks we fell in love with and could only dream out about on Instagram or wistfully reminisce over are back on the agenda. In short –  it’s time to take travel back!

Where to go? Now that you can!

Maldives, Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort.

Hudhuranfushi Resort (Hudhu’s) needs no introduction. A steady staple for those in the know and featuring on the bucket list of most surfers, Hudhurafushi is probably what they had in mind when they came up with the name ‘Surfer’s Paradise’. With the ever-consistent ‘Lohi’s Left’ literally a short walk and paddle away, limited surf numbers all paired with the stunning Maldivian backdrop, Hudhu’s deserves to be on the top of your ‘return to travel’ list. But, Hudhu’s does more than just whet the surfer’s appetite for great waves. It ticks off; great food, idyllic location, spacious & comfortable rooms, plenty of non-surf activities with all the creature comforts to boot. Like; day spa, gym, sauna, pools and bars. So, it’s also perfect for those with a non-surfing partner and let’s face they’re way overdue for a break too. 

But, anyway back to the waves… 

If you’re in the mood to explore? Hudhuranfushi’s crew of local surf guides have a wealth of experience and respect in the region and can take you to one of six other world-class surf breaks all within a 30-minute boat ride. Over the years, we’ve watched other resorts mimic this surf program almost exactly, so trust us, you will not be disappointed!

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Maldives – Outer Atolls, Mavaahi 

The Outer Atolls are firing now! The Outer Atolls are a lot more exposed to southerly swells. It stands to reason that it’s one more consistent spots for the entire season. There are far fewer resorts, and charter boats down there too so finding waves is made a lot easier. If, surfing with your mates as you exhaust your arms catching wave after wave, then relaxing, eating, fishing, sleeping and repeating, sounds like your deal then this trip is the right fit for you. 

It’s an uncomplicated life but honestly, it has its appeal.

Mavaahi is the vessel for Outer Atoll exploration. Local surf guides get you to the right waves in the right conditions, great food keeps your energy levels up and super comfy beds make sure you’ve got the gusto to keep going every sunrise. 

The boat trip is back, what are you waiting for?

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Bali is back

The news blew up recently with the announcement that Bali is back. Australia’s favourite destination is inviting you to come back and fall in love again. Contrary to popular belief, Bali does get surf all year round but swells are bigger and more reliable coming into the southern hemisphere winter. World Surfaris has an office in Bali and a fleet of vehicles with drivers and local surf guides to assist you in escaping the crowd. 

Our Bali range is divided into 4 regions and we encourage you to combine stays in different regions on your Bali surf trip to experience a variety of waves and experiences. If you have a couple of weeks, World Surfaris make it easy and affordable to add on other Indonesian regions such Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, Sumbawa, Timor or Java. 

A range of accommodation options to suit budgets or simply use us as a way to get the waves you want without the hassle – we can make your back to Bali adventure a triumphant return to paradise.

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You’re good to go now! 

If you’re tired of flicking through your pre-pandemic holiday memories, it’s time to make some new ones. Flick the laptop lid down, turn off notifications and go experience the real world again. Sun-soaked days in the world’s best-surfing destinations are closer than you think. Call the team at World Surfaris – .

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