Telos Surf Retreat Surf (16)

Telos Surfing Village – August Surf Report 2017

August was a great month! She kicked us off with some great waves and weather here at Surfing Village, we had an average of fun 2-4 foot waves, a couple small days for relaxation and of course then the swell came through.

There was a rise in swell each group up to about 4-5 foot, although the last week of August had onshore winds at Pasti the guests were happy to spend a bit of time exploring the other breaks, relaxing in the hammocks and versing each other in the pool comp.

The first group was such a mixture of the globe we had a small family from the states, Maile and Mick a couple from California who decided to get engaged which meant fresh crayfish with a glass of wine and party time, we had Jack from Spain who decided to stay for an extra two groups he showed everybody how to dance properly, we had two Kiwi mates called Ben and Pat, Ben decided to stay for another group and we also had a young man from Brazil called Pedro who won a university surf comp, the prize was a trip to SV, Pedro was an incredible surfer we were all absolutely amazed by his ability in the water. Hoping for him to win the next comp so we can have him back here.

The second group was a mixture of return guests and guests who decided to stay longer. It was great to see peter again for the fourth time. The majority of the Guests were Aussie but Willy he was surprisingly from New York. We had Baz who brought his camera and made a great slideshow to show everyone at the end of his trip. On the last night we celebrated John’s birthday and partied hard.

The third Group was made up of ten Aussie men in their 40s they didn’t get much swell but they spent a couple days adventuring in the speed boat, it was great to hear how excited they were when they discovered a new wave

it was a peeling left hander some great barrels were scored that day, they named it Tembis.

For a change Paulo won the pool comp.

To look back on the past month we had such great groups, all of which shared great stories and input they were also very happy about their selection of waves and activities during their trip.

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