Telos Surfing Village – 2017 July Surf Report

Friends, Family, Waves & Music – The Surfing Village Life!


Over the past month Surfing Village has had great waves, and nice sunny weather to suit all activities. The three groups we had were very happy with their island experience and got to surf some really great waves.

The first group were two groups of close friends half Australian and half Brazilian, they enjoyed their trip and partied hard throughout the day and night. The second group was a mixture of a South African family, a father and son from Australia and a group of North Narrabeen boys who had known each other since they were kids, by the end everyone was good mates which is what we are all about here at Surfing Village.

The third group we had a Brazilian couple, another father and son who brought along a bunch of great friends all from 13th beach and Bells beach. Turns out they were all musicians, brought new guitars for the SV team. We enjoyed their company and the songs were great, they brought great vibes and it was sad to see them leave.

For some of the family members who weren’t so familiar with surfing we packed snorkeling gear and lunch for the day and we took them for adventures through the tropical forest to relax on a secluded beach, snorkel around the reef and venture around the headland to a secret cave.

The Pool Comp Trophy has yet again landed in Mr Polo’s hands. Back in the water, the waves throughout the month have been suitable for all levels of surf ability, the size ranging from 2-6 foot. We encouraged Carroll and her daughter from South Africa to get out there and start surfing for the first time, which was great to watch. For the experienced surfers there were some heavy 6 footers that came through and the guests got to experience what they said were the best waves of their lives, a few of them got to take home pictures of them landing epic barrels at Pasti, the notorious reef break in front of Surfing Village.

To sum up the past month we have been fully booked and stoked with a variety of great guests from around the world who contributed to the atmosphere, everyone leaving here with great new friendships. They all expressed how much they enjoyed their trip and many keen to book for 2018 season, we can’t wait to see them again.

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