Telo Island Lodge’s latest


“Max’s Right, Max’s Left, Kindies and The Bubble have all been pumping this week in the Telos! Some epic sessions have come from this — with head high waves produced from a lingering swell, and of course, offshore conditions.

Max’s Left in particular was giving our guests its full potential with many riding the wind feathered walls the whole way down the reef. It has been classified as ‘perfect’ by our super stoked guides. Fishing trips amongst the super sessions has seen some exciting action including a 13kg Barracuda caught by the young man, Luke. What a week!”

Alex Pundyk

Al at Max’s Right, putting on a show on the deck at the lodge.
Beautiful hand drag while skimming the froth.
Ben cruising down the line at Max’s Left.
Benny at The Bubble.
Jacko dodging the local canoes.
Little Lukey with a monster.
Luke on a nice one at Max’s Left.
Marc loving the big face.
PJ showing the boys how it’s done.
Pre-surf stoke!
Seb enjoying the open face.
Seb flowing off the top.
8 – Surfers Maximum, 2 – Western Guides, 2 – Speed Boats,
20 – Uncrowded Waves, 1 – Unmatched Surfing Experience
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