Telo Island Lodge – Late Season Lines

“Huey continues to deliver late season swell for us here in the Telos, with our guests enjoying glassy, uncrowded waves in the 2-4ft range which spells fun for all! The great thing about the tropics is that we are still able to find some magical moments in amongst any storm activity that’s around, with an after-rain glass-off always welcome.
The region out the front of the lodge has been our go-to area so far with The Patch and Kindies providing awesome sessions for our guys on both short and long boards, showing the versatility of our surf spots. The forecast is looking great for the near future so that has filled up the dinner conversation as we dine on gourmet meals back at the lodge every evening”.  Alex Pundyk 
Sammy dropping into a screamer out the front.
Sammy racing down the line at Schoolyards.
Enjoying the offshore spray.
Gus laying some rail here at Schoolyards.
Benny arcing off the top.
Aleks dropping into a glassy one.
8 – Surfers Maximum, 2 – Western Guides, 2 – Speed Boats,
20 – Uncrowded Waves, 1 – Unmatched Surfing Experience

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