Telo Island Lodge – Consistent Good Times

“The last week has been welcomed by 2-4 foot waves every single day here at Telo Island Lodge. We’ve had varying winds nearly each day so the lads have had the pleasure now to have tried every single break within 20 minutes of the lodge.

Most early mornings of the last few days have been welcomed by some nice high tide sessions at The Bubble and ER, with the odd stop over at Kindies and Schoolyards before lunch—while there has been some epic sessions going down in the late afternoons at Max’s Left and also Le Ba. The wind hasn’t been too strong until today so we’ve had the pleasure to go wherever we please. The guests even ventured out on a Telo tour one afternoon as they were quite surfed out (It was quite a memorable one!).

Looking forward, the last day of the trip looks like a serious pulse in swell with next weeks forecast really looking like a solid couple of days”.  Surf Report thanks to Izaak van Druten

Tim-tang with a luscious looking wall ahead.

Zak in a round one.

Dave and Dave sharing the stoke.

Matt laying it on rail!

Dave off the top.

Dingo getting out of the sun.

Dave with an open canvas.

Dave with a nice afternoon glassy one.

Chook lining up the green room.

Chook in his natural element.

Good times…

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