Sylvi Bodi – Playboy Bunny surfing in Paradise

Playboy bunny, surfer chick, thrill seeker and all round beauty are just a few ways to describe the uber-popular Sylvi Bodi. We caught up with Sylvi during her time at Pohnpei Surf Club earlier this week after a surf at her favourite right hand reef break to talk about P-Pass and what makes the place so special to Sylvi.

When was your first trip to Pohnpei?

It was in 2012.

What made you take your first trip here?

I was in the Maldives on a surf trip when I first heard about P-Pass. When I looked into it, I realized it was a great destination to get away from the crowds and the mainstream surf spots. Plus the photos of the wave looked epic.

Tell me about the first time you surfed P-Pass?

It was early November. The conditions were sheet glass and the swell was slowly coming up. It started at 3 ft and super fun and it came up gradually through out the week. So I was able to build my confidence before it got too heavy.

Do you find you have some kind of attachment to the place and people?

I find this place very unique and laidback. Like I would imagine Hawaii hundred years ago, or maybe even longer than that. The people are very friendly and they are stoked that we come here to surf. Probably they are too busy drinking sakau and chewing betel nut. There are no local surfers here, except for one.

Do you think that more girls should come and enjoy what Pohnpei has to offer?

Yes, for several reasons. P-Pass has many different faces. It is a fun, playful, long, user-friendly right-hander most of the time. And yes, there are times when it turns into a beauty beast. If you don’t feel like to challenge yourself, you can always just hang on the boat on the channel sipping on a fresh coconut and watch the show. When the conditions are right, Palikír is one of the most beautiful and perfect wave I have ever seen and surfed.

Besides surfing there are a few other activities that you can enjoy over here. You can visit the mysterious sacred place called Nan Madol, or you can check out few of the waterfalls. (My personal favorite is Kepirohi.) You can go diving, or you can make a boat trip to Ant Atolland much more.

What’s your favourite place to go for a long island ice tea in Pohnpei?

I don’t drink long islands but I heard enough funny stories about the boys going up to Cupids Bar and getting loose, becoming the next American Idol for the night at the karaoke. I prefer hanging out and having a glass of wine at the Mangrove Bar next to Pohnpei Surf Club.

Any funny Allois stories you can share??

If I were to start talking about funny Allois stories, I would have to write a book… So just leave at that. Allois is a legend, this place would never be the same without him.

What’s next for Sylvi Bodi?

Extending my stay here in Pohnpei… Exploring places where I have never been, surf waves that are on my bucket list. Stay happy, healthy and fit.

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