Swilly’s most memorable moments from P-PASS over the year

One of the most recognised and influential surf photographers of our time is Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams. Swilly has been venturing to the far away lands of Micronesia since the early 2000’s when World Surfaris ambassador, David Scard helped set up the Pohnpei Surf Club along with Allois Malfitani. 

To this day, many surfers around the world consider P-PASS to be the best right-hander on the planet…no one will agree more than Swilly who has been lucky enough to capture some amazing moments over the years. Swilly has been lucky to capture some of the worlds best surfers in their element and much to our delight, allowed us to share these amazing shots with you. 

Over the years Swilly has witnessed monster 15-20ft swells right down to 3-4ft absolute postcard perfection. P-PASS isn’t always big, in fact those swells only happen 3 or 4 times a season. 


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