Swell is ON – Lakey Peak Haven

April, again has been a month to remember! 

We had numerous swells after the big forecasters predicted small waves and on-shore winds for most of the month. I can safely tell you right now that we had over 20 days of offshore winds and the swell didnt drop below 3ft on the low or high tides. The only positive to come out of the poor forecasting was the lack of crowds of which we took full advantage of.

Lakey Peak Haven has only been open for about 12 months and we are already seeing some return guests. It was great to see Dave and Reid as well as some of my old school mates from back in Aus. 

Reid donated a bag of pencils to the local school which was much appreciated. 

PERISCOPES was the pick of April. The winds favored the super fun right hander most days and when the swells did come it was the place to be. 

LAKEY PIPE produced the goods most mornings and on the mid tide. 

HARBOUR had some fun head high waves when the swell was pumping at Lakey Peak. 


We have released a May special for groups of 4 or more guests. If you book as a group of 4, 1 of you will go for free. Please contact World Surfaris for more information.

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