Surprise Swell for Aganoa – Samoa

“Our guests arrived to a pristine tropical lagoon accompanied by fun 2-3ft waves across the channel at Aganoa Right. Amongst all the surfing, snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding and just flat out relaxing, we almost forgot about the desired offshore winds looming in the forecast. This is great in itself but when the winds actually arrived, a surprise 4-5ft wind swell decided to knock on our door and perfectly complement the conditions. Being a wind swell, it resulted in super peaky waves coming through quite close together, reminiscent of a beach break scenario. These peaks were groomed by the predicted wind to create left and right walls across the reef!

On top of this, “Little Lefts” was absolutely perfect for our learner surfers who got the full experience from our learn to surf guides currently onsite at the Lodge. The girls in the corner of the lagoon enjoyed cruising carelessly across the little left handers immediately in front of their beachfront fales, while the guys entertained anyone sitting at the bar with some sharp snaps in the pocket and back-dooring the open barrel sections on offer.

We kept the kids happy with our waterfall, the blowholes and crab hunts. Hermit crabs are actually very entertaining once you start paying attention to them. Another week that has shown the versatility of our staff and our paradise home with Aganoa Lodge in full function!”  Alex Pundyk 


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