Surfing in Taiwan…something different

For many, Taiwan is that surf trip you think of and categories as ‘something different’…Taiwan has slipped under the radar until very recently. Flexible schedules, fun waves and amazing culture make it one of the best trips for those wanting to escape the normalities of an annual trip to the Indian or Pacific Ocean. 

Sand bottom points and random, hidden reefs are some of the things to expect and with Taiwans 10 month swell window you can often find a decent wave everyday during your surf trip. If not, an abundance of culture and non0surf activities mean you are far from unentertained. 

The East Coast of Taiwan generally works around wet season monsoons starting in November and running through to March. The South Coast picks up plenty of swell from June to October leaving only April and May for some time off but we have had reports of decent waves during this time too. 


January 2018 produced some great waves this year. We had a few days of double overhead at some secret sand/rock bottom points and the lineup was far from crowded. Taiwan gets far from sketchy, slabbing death defying pits…so if thats what you want, look elsewhere. 

So if Taiwan has slipped under your radar, dont let it anymore, book with World Surfaris and tick Taiwan off your bucket list. 


All images courtesy of Neil ‘Moonwalker’ Armstrong



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