Nov3 2016

Surfers in Samoa with Brent Ross

Every season, the ever popular Samoan Surfaris surf adventure with Brent Ross is a huge favourite with World Surfaris’ clients. Brent is considered by many as the best surf guide/host on the planet. Hailing from Forresters beach on the central coast of NSW, Brent has surfed and guided surfers around the island of Upolu in Samoa for a little over a decade.  He lives with his wife Tau and kids at their Samoan Surfaris homestay located at Salamumu Beach, Upolu. 

Accommodation isn’t flash, but it doesn’t need to be when you have Brent guiding you around the island getting you the best waves possible on any given day. He also goes out of his way to make sure you aren’t surfing with anyone else. 

During October and November Brent reported consistent waves in the head high to double over-head high range, with World Surfaris guests absolutely frothing on the waves they surfed with no one else around.  If you want a truly unique surf adventure then Brent’s place ticks all the boxes.

Surf Report from Brent Ross, Samoan Surfaris (November 2016)

The surf in Samoa in November started off pretty ordinary. We managed to still get in the water every day during the first week but nothing to brag about. Thankfully conditions improved and we were blessed with the last three weeks, of good to great surf. There has been swell on both the North and South sides of Upolu and the wind has been light and variable making for nice clean waves somewhere – by boat or 4WD. We had one group of guys stay who were just as keen to spear some fish as they were to surf, and they ended up with a mixed bag including the target species, dogtooth tuna, along with Barracuda, coral trout etc.

Below are some photos of a few waves we got around the island, and Kris Pitman with his Barracuda.

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