The Mandiri Beach Club

The Mandiri Beach Club, an all-inclusive surf camp, is situated in the wave-rich region of Krui, South Sumatra. The camp offers accommodation for 14 guests across seven spacious, ensuite bedrooms. 

This surf camp boasts several impressive facilities, including a swimming pool with views of the beach break, a large BBQ area, and a mini skate park.  

 Guests are treated to three delicious meals per day, served at the beach bar. Additionally, a variety of snacks, alcoholic and soft drinks, tea, and coffee are available for purchase. 

For getting around the area, three minivans are on standby from dawn to dusk, each equipped with a driver and surf guide to ensure guests can make the most of their surfing experience. 

Mandiri Beach is the centerpiece of this surf haven, known for its quality, consistent surf. Peak season is considered November through to May, with light, variable winds and fun, glassy waves on offer. 

March to November
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The Mandiri Beach Club offers a unique and comfortable accommodation experience, perfect for surfers seeking a convenient beachside retreat in close proximity to the surf.  

Each of the seven bedrooms includes an ensuite bathroom, ensuring guests have their own private space for relaxation and convenience. 

Garden View Rooms

These twin-share rooms feature a king-size bed and extra single bed, a surfboard rack, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and an ensuite bathroom. 

These twin-share rooms feature a king-size bed and extra single bed, a surfboard rack, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, an ensuite bathroom and ocean views. 

This quad-share room features four single beds, two bathrooms, a private lounge area, desk space, WiFi, air-conditioning and a surfboard rack. The Pool House Suite overlooks The Mandiri Beach Club’s communal pool area. 


Guests are provided with three delicious meals per day, which are included in the World Surfaris package. These meals are served at the beach bar, centrally located on the property offering a casual and relaxed atmosphere with views of the ocean. The bar also offers snacks, alcoholic and soft drinks, tea, and coffee for purchase. 

At each meal time, the focus is on providing nutritious, delicious meals to fuel a day of surfing and relaxation, along with a variety of beverage options ranging from fresh juices to alcoholic drinks. 

Start the day with a hearty breakfast designed to provide energy for morning surf sessions. Options include fresh fruits, cereals, eggs, toast, and local delicacies. For lunch, a balanced meal is served to refuel guests for afternoon activities. This could range from sandwiches and salads to more substantial dishes like pasta or rice with meat or vegetarian options. The evening meal is a highlight, often featuring a variety of dishes that showcase local flavors and ingredients. Guests can expect a mix of seafood, grilled meats, fresh vegetables, and traditional Indonesian cuisine. 

Surf The Mandiri Beach Club

The Mandiri Beach Club, located in Krui, Southern Sumatra, offers an exceptional surfing experience in a region renowned for its consistent and varied surf spots. The area boasts a mix of beach breaks, peaks, slabs, and point breaks, ensuring that surfers of all levels can find suitable waves. Known for its consistency, Mandiri Beach is exposed to all swells, meaning it’s rarely flat. The waves originate from deep water and break onto shallow sandbanks, creating hollow, long walls. 

Expert surf guides are accessible at the surf camp to guide guests to the best spots for the conditions on the day. For transport, three minivans are operational from dawn until dusk, each equipped with a driver and a surf guide.  

Surfers can experience a variety of waves, from double overhead point breaks in the morning to fun, head-high slabs in the afternoon. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer looking for challenging waves or an intermediate surf eager to progress, The Mandiri Beach Club offers a comprehensive and unforgettable surf adventure. 

Mandiri Beach

Known for its consistency and exposure to all swells, Mandiri Beach is the main surf spot. The waves come from deep water and break onto shallow sandbanks, providing hollow, long reeling walls. 

Krui Left

This is a renowned left-hand point break that offers long, peeling waves, making it a favorite among intermediate to advanced level surfers. 

Krui Right

Located near Krui Left, this spot provides a perfect right-hand break with powerful, hollow waves suitable for advanced surfers. 

Ujung Bocur

Also known as The Point’, Ujung Bocur is famous for its long, left-hand waves that can hold big swells and provide lengthy rides, perfect for surfers looking for a classic point break experience. 

Way Jambu

Known as Sumatra’s Pipeline’, Way Jambu offers heavy, powerful barrels that are best suited for experienced surfers seeking a challenge.  

Jennys Right

This spot provides a more mellow right-hand wave, making it suitable for intermediate surfers who want to enjoy a less intense surf session. 

Banana Island

Accessible only by boat, Banana Island offers both left and right-hand waves, providing a unique and picturesque surfing experience. 

Honey Smacks

This spot offers fun, playful waves suitable for surfers of all levels, making it an excellent choice for a more relaxed surf session. 

Sumatran Point

Another great point break that offers long rides and is suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers. 

Non-Surf Activities

The Mandiri Beach Club offers a diverse range of activities and experiences, making it an ideal destination for surfers traveling with non-surfing mates or loved ones. Water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and stand-up paddleboarding are available, along with land-based fun at the mini skate park. 

Relaxation options include a beachfront swimming pool, yoga sessions, and professional massage services. The surf camp also features a large BBQ area for social gatherings, a beach bar serving meals and drinks, and themed social events. 

Cultural and nature excursions, including local village tours and hikes, offer insights into the rich culture and natural beauty of the region. 


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