Sri Lanka Surfaris – East Coast

Only 66,000sq km in area, yet a treasure trove of diverse and astonishing surprises, Sri Lanka is a cornucopia of magnificent beaches, rain forests, charming villages, hill country tea plantations, centuries old ruined cities, emerald green paddy fields, fascinating cultural traditions, spectacular pageants and festivals, spicy, exciting cuisine and so much more.

All this is contained in a compact, tropical island whose people have been justifiably renowned for their warmth and hospitality. Discover the amazing diversity of Sri Lankan culture, the natural beauty of the landscape and a complex history stretching back to 543 BC. Choose between a variety of experiences from the Sri Lankan Surfaris range. We have bespoke packages so you see and do as much as possible whilst in Sri Lanka. This is more than a surf trip and should be ticked off everyone’s bucket list.

Sri Lanka
May to October
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Due to the nature of these packages, premium accommodation has been found for you by World Surfaris and our exclusive Sri Lankan partners.

You will be staying in multiple locations of Sri Lanka enjoying all of its pleasures including the terrific accommodation it offers. Some of the hotels/resorts include:

– Pledgescape Hotel (Negombo)

– Aliya Resort & Spa (Sigiriya)

– Grand Hotel (Kandy)

– Jetwing Yala (Yala National Park)

– Bay Vista Hotel (Arugam Bay)

According to your preferences, you can choose to spend more time closer to the coast so you can surf or if the trip is a little more for you and your non-surfing partner and/or family we can arrange a package that suits.

All accommodation includes complimentary breakfast, transfers, associated tours and English speaking chauffeur.


Our Sri Lankan Surfaris include meals at some of the most amazing restaurants throughout Sri Lanka. Traditional style cuisines and a mixture of western delights are available.

Sri Lanka is also known for its tea plantations and all the tea you can drink will be available on your Sri Lankan adventures. You might even get the chance to see how its all farmed and picked.

Surf Sri Lanka Surfaris – East Coast

Sri Lanka offers a truly unique surf adventure unlike anywhere else in the world.

Beach after beach with right-hand sand bottom point breaks that attract surfers from all over the world due to their aesthetic appeal.

Sri Lankan Surfaris fill your itinerary with multiple days of surfing the East Coasts best waves such as Arugam Bay, Pottuvil Point, Peanut Farm and many more.

Arugam Bay in particular is arguably the best and most well-known wave in Sri Lanka catering to intermediate + surfers.

Accommodation at the Bay Vista Hotel will ensure you have immediate access to the best surf breaks on the East Coast during your Sri Lankan Surfaris package.

Non-Surf Activities

Sri Lanka has so much more to offer than a standard surf adventure.

The moment you step foot in this amazing country, the adventure begins. As you pass through the natural beauties on either side of the road, knowing where to look is the first glimpse of whats to come.

Non-surfers arguably get more out of a Sri Lanka Surfaris package than the surfers, with national park tours to Yala, experiencing the street food and highlights of Kandy and the tea plantations of Nuwara Eliya.

Closer to the coast, non-surfers can indulge in warm, crystal clear Indian Ocean. Snorkel some great reef set ups, take a Stand up paddle board for a spin or sit back, relax in one of the many restaurants and cafes that line the local streets and beaches.


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