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Forming part of the esteemed Sibon Charters fleet, Sibon Baru is a 62ft aluminum power catamaran specifically designed for surfers. Offering 12-night sailings, Sibon Baru navigates a multitude of world-class surf in the Mentawai Islands, or Telo and Banyak Islands upon request. Sibon Baru’s core mission has remained steadfast over the years: to deliver an unmatched charter experience focused purely on surfing. 

Equipped with all the features needed for an ideal surf trip, Sibon Baru invites you to explore the untouched beauty of the Mentawai, Telo and Banyak Islands without compromising on safety or comfort. Air-conditioned throughout and perfect for large groups, a surf charter experience promising world-renowned waves in an idyllic, tropical setting awaits.  

March to November
All Levels
Fishing, Beaches, Snorkeling
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Purpose-built with surfers in mind, Sibon Baru prioritises function and practicality to ensure you have the space and comfort needed for an enjoyable surf trip. Accommodation onboard includes 6 twin-share cabins for added privacy and comfort beyond the typical dormitory-style setup. The saloon area is designed to be light and airy, featuring ample seating, a big flat screen TV, DVD player, and music system, creating an ideal environment for relaxation, socialising and entertainment. With 24-hour power supply, there is ample opportunity to charge cameras and other electronic devices. 

Fully air-conditioned, Sibon Baru includes a water maker, modern navigational and safety equipment, and a satellite phone for all-around convenience and safety. The deck offers ample space for lounging, perfect for downtime, surf checks or afternoon beers. The expertly trained crew onboard ensures the vessel is immaculately maintained, with daily servicing of all cabins and common spaces.  


Onboard Sibon Baru, guests are treated to an inclusive dining experience that goes beyond just satisfying hunger. Instead, the private chef provides nutritious, high-quality meals designed to replenish energy levels in between surfs. In addition to 3 main meals, many snacks are available throughout the day, such as fruits, yogurt, cereals, biscuits, and more.

Beverages are also included, with a selection of juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and a 24-beer allocation per person. Sibon Baru’s commitment to quality and abundant food ensures that your surfing holiday is complemented by a dining experience that’s both satisfying and nourishing. 

Surf Sibon Baru Charters

The Mentawai Islands, consisting of around 70 islands and islets, are celebrated for their unparalleled variety and quality of surf and known as a true surfers playground. Guests onboard Sibon Baru are guided by an expert surf guide to iconic surf spots such as Burgerworld, Beng Beng, E-Bay, and many others, including Pit Stops, Bank Vaults, and Nipussi, to name just a few. With an extensive list that also features Hideaways, No Kanduis, Macaronis, Greenbush, Thunders, Batcaves, and HTs among others, guests onboard are guaranteed a rich and varied experience in the water.

While the Mentawai Islands are the primary destination, Sibon Baru is also equipped to extend trips to the Telo and Banyak Islands, offering even more surf exploration upon request.  


Siberut Island (Playgrounds Area)


An easy, mellow right hander with a beautiful tropical backdrop. A good option if nearby Bankvaults is a bit too intimidating. Nipussi is best on a mid-size swell with light NNW winds.


A powerful, challenging right hander. Expect an open ocean style take-off,  then an incredible, wide open barrel section. This wave suits experienced surfers only, as it ends up bending back over shallow reef. Bankvaults is best on a SSW swell and a N wind.

Pit Stops

A playful and rippable right hander with a sand and reef bottom. The wave breaks close to the shore, within paddle distance of Mentawai Surf Retreat. Pit Stops needs a WSW swell to get into the sheltered bay, and any wind except for N/NE. The wave is perfect for busting out some turns.


A beautiful, barrelling, and world-class left, with intense emerald green water, just a short paddle down from Pit Stops. E-Bay needs a big W/SW swell with SE winds to work. The bigger it gets, the better it gets. This is a truly magical wave!

Bang Bangs

A playful, user-friendly left that breaks further down in the bay from E-Bay and Pit Stops. Suitable for longboarders, funboards, and has a good section for some big turns.


A world-class hollow left hander that breaks directly in front of Wave Park Mentawai Resort. Hideaways picks up plenty of swell and offers incredible barrels for experienced surfers. This wave works best with a SW swell and SE wind on a higher tide.


This novelty right hander, perfect for longboarders, runs down the side of a tiny sand island. A super scenic spot suitable for all levels.

The Secret Slab

A short, intense right-hand barrel. This wave is a good option on small swell.


A very mellow peak, perfect for longboarders or beginners.

Burger World

This long right-hand wave with a beautiful backdrop is considered the swell magnet of the Mentawai Islands and works best on a small 2-4ft SW swell with NNW winds. On bigger swells, the paddling required to hold position tends to prove not worthwhile. Burger World is a great wave for a relaxing surf together with some turns. Some surfers pack a fish or funboard specifically to surf at this spot.


A playful peak that’s mostly a left, a good wave for a couple turns.


World-class right hander with multiple barrel sections over a reef so perfect it must have been designed for surfers. Rifles likes a big SSW swell and light WNW winds. This is considered one of the longest, most perfect waves in the Mentawai Islands.

4 Bobs

A playful, one-section right with an easy take-off. If you’re lucky, you’ll score a quick almond shaped barrel or a 2-turn combo.

Kandui Left

Incredible freight-train left out the front of Kandui Villas, with big, heavy barrels and long sections on good days. Here, there’s potential to get the best barrel of your life. Kandui Left likes a SW swell and E/SE winds on a mid to high tide.

Baby Kandui

A very mellow, playful left hander. Baby Kandui is great for beginners and long boarders, or a relaxed session for more advanced surfers looking to refine their skills or trial a new board or fin set up.


A super fun right with short but good barrels, and nice sections for turns.


Sipura Island


An enjoyable, playful left near Villa Mentawai. On a big swell, this is a good, mellow option for intermediate level surfers or longboarders.

Omak Tidur

A long, slabbing right out the front of Awera Surf Resort with intense barrel sections on good days. This wave can be super challenging, and often seems surfable when it’s not. Always wait for the green light from your surf guide before attempting this one!

Awera Left

A fast left hander, super fun for a couple speed runs across the fairly shallow reef.


A perfect beginner wave out the front of Awera Surf Resort.


Ridiculously perfect left, easily accessible from Awera Surf Resort, Togat Nusa Retreat and Villa Mentawai. A user-friendly wave with multiple good sections for barrels or turns. Telescopes likes a SW swell with SE winds.


Another swell magnet, this time a peak, that picks up any available swell. When Telescopes is big and pumping, Iceland can be 2-3 times bigger. A true big wave spot, this wave has been surfed at 20ft and is a great place for an adrenaline rush on your step up.


A heavy and unpredictable left with gnarly barrels over a very shallow, live coral reef. When it links up, it’s a remarkable wave, suitable for advanced surfers only and definitely at high tide.


This is a challenging right hander suitable for advanced surfers chasing a novelty experience.


A good, sometimes hollow, usually uncrowded left hander, working best on a SW swell. Mostly suited for experienced surfers, as the wave can get shallow on the inside.


A fickle wrap-around left that can be challenging. This wave needs a big swell to come to life.


A relatively under-the-radar right hander that’s fast and zippy breaking over shallow reef. Arikis can offer good barrel sections and is best at higher tide.


A bowling left in front of Togat Nusa Resort. Scarecrows picks up a lot of swell, and on bigger, heavier days requires a bit of paddling and a bigger board. This wave can offer a good barrel on the inside section after some big carves on the outside.


Shifty lefts off random peaks. This spot, rarely crowded, picks up plenty of swell but can be hard to surf.


This wave is a short, powerful right-hand barrel that perks up quickly over a shallow section of reef. Amazing barrel on it’s day but a very short ride. Bintangs is visible from Kingfisher Surf Resort.


Left: A playful, usually uncrowded left that picks up plenty of swell. Monkeys is one of many waves close by to Kingfisher Surf Resort.

Bintang Beachie

This wave is located on a long stretch of beach that runs from Kingfisher Surf Resort all the way to Bintangs. On small, short period swells this beachie can offer some playful peaks, and every now and then turns out to be something special.

Lance’s Left

A fun, super consistent left, straight out the front of Kingfisher Surf Resort where guests can watch perfection from the comfort of the pool bar or private bungalow. Lances Left has a good barrel section and enough space to link together some turns before kicking out.


You’ll find Cobras at the top section of the Lances Left reef. This wave is a cylindrical barrelling left, shallow and often challenging but sometimes a better barrel than at Lances. This spot works best on S swells.

Lance’s Right (HTs)

This famed wave is positioned directly in front of Katiet Beach Resort. On it’s good days Lances Right is one of the best waves in Indonesia with flawless barrelling rights. To work best, the wave likes a confusing combination of W swell and W winds. When it turns on, it’s a mesmerising 8-second barrel from the office all the way to the channel.

The Bombie

A shallow section of reef in Katiet Bay, occasionally good on a longboard and an amazing wave for foiling.


Pagai North

Bat Cave

A novelty right hander breaking off a beautiful tropical island. This wave can be fun on a longboard or a fish.


A picture-perfect left with multiple barrel sections, just a 5-minute speedboat ride across the bay from Macaronis Surf Resort. Macaronis is widely considered the world’s most fun left – it’s just barrel, turn, barrel, turn over and over again! Macaronis is a super consistent wave that breaks on any swell but is best on a SW swell with E/SE winds.

Mini Maccas

A much smaller and shallower version of Macaronis, worth considering on a big swell at high tide, and is usually about a quarter of the size of Macaronis.


The ultimate wave for groms or beginners! This is a perfect sand bottom right, just a 5-minute paddle down from Macaronis Surf Resort.

Maccas Right (KFC)

A shifty right across the bay from Macaronis, that occasionally links up into a couple of sections. This is a popular wave for those chasing a mellow, less crowded session.


A incredibly perfect barrelling left, 45 minutes by speedboat from Macaronis Surf Resort. This is a heavy wave, over shallow reef. Greenbush needs a combination of high tide, S swell and N wind. Expect a steep drop into an intense barrel that may or may not let you out. This wave is suited to experienced surfers only.


Pagai South


A playful rippable right that peels into a picturesque bay. Expect almond shaped barrels and beautiful carveable walls. This wave is a 60-minute speedboat tide from Macaronis Surf Resort.

Rags Left

A shallow, hollow barrel. Fickle, but when it’s on, it’s on.

Rags Right

A super shallow right-hand barrel that can be one of the best in the Mentawai Islands, best suited to advanced surfers only. There’s potential to score utter perfection boasting multiple barrel sections.


A swell magnet that picks up almost any available swell and handles S winds. This wave can get popular with charter boats if it’s the only spot that’s working, but the shifting peaks handle a crowd well. Expect an easy take off into a predictable barrel on the inside section. Around the corner is gnarly secret spot if you’re feeling up for it, ask your surf guide!

The Hole

A flawless left-hand barrel. Short, intense, but truly one of the best waves in the Mentawai Islands when it’s on. The wave can be fickle, and needs a S swell, E wind and a confident skipper to navigate the tender.


A big open-ocean point-break-style right with some unpredictable sections but a good ride on its day.


A long, sometimes perfect left. Good barrel sections and space for some powerful turns.


Non-Surf Activities

While the surf is undoubtedly the main attraction onboard Sibon Baru, the adventure doesn’t stop there. Guests onboard will have complimentary access to fishing gear, snorkeling equipment, and stand-up paddleboards. In between surfs, Sibon Baru will charter areas renowned for the stunning coral reefs, offering unparalleled snorkeling opportunities. This blend of activities ensures your surf trip is complemented by a range of other experiences, allowing you to explore the unspoiled beauty of North Sumatra.  



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  14 Breaks, 9 Islands, all in 11 days... well the boys have done it again!  The owner Steve was on board to make sure we got uncrowded waves. 3-8ft all trip... world class left handers and playful to... Read More >

Scott M
Date of Stay: 29 April - 11 May 2015
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

Uncrowded waves, boat was comfortable and food was good.

Wayne M
Date of Stay: 14-28 April 2015
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food4

Had a great time!  A big help from Cath at World Surfaris to get us going with the passport drama. Highlights included the experience of Moose who always took a holistic approach to finding us the best... Read More >

Adam R
Date of Stay: October 2014
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food5

Not too much swell but "The Moose" found us the best waves in the area, surfed every day. Boat was much better than I expected, plenty of room, fast and comfortable ride. Crew looked after... Read More >

Robert S
Date of Stay: October 2014
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food5

In One Sentence, Sum Up Your Trip:  Better than all expectations.  Even though we didn't get any massive swells. Moose's experience allowed us to get the best waves with the least people at every area we visited.... Read More >

Jamie H
Date of Stay: October 2014
Surf Stoke4
Quality of Food5

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