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Get set for an authentic surf adventure with Samoan Surfaris, where surf guide and host Brent Ross and his dedicated team introduce you to the best surf spots Samoa has to offer. Offering an intimate experience for up to five surfers, guests at Samoan Surfaris are promised an unparalleled surf trip that caters specifically to their preferences.  

Nestled on the picturesque Salamumu Beach, Samoan Surfaris offers a unique surf camp set up, hosted by Brent and his Samoan family. You’ll be warmly welcomed into their world, gaining access to Brent’s extensive knowledge of surfing, fishing, and exploring Samoa’s natural wonders. 

Remote and rustic in nature, Samoan Surfaris is ideal for surfers who value simplicity and are in search of a classic surf, eat, sleep, repeat experience, off-grid and away from the crowds. The team at Samoan Surfaris is committed to delivering a distinctive and enriching surf trip experience, customising your stay to include as much or as little diversity as you please. Here, you’re not just a guest; you become part of the family. 

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Samoan Surfaris delivers a minimalistic and exclusive accommodation offering with its two beach fales and an additional single room, hosting a maximum of five guests for a truly bespoke experience. Ideal for those wishing to unwind and experience Samoa’s top surf spots, this simple yet functional surf camp offers a warm and welcoming setting that fosters a sense of community. Guests will quickly feel like part of the family at Samoan Surfaris, ensuring a stay that’s as comforting as it is unforgettable. 

Situated just a short walk from the palm-fringed beach and crystal clear lagoon waters, each beach fale comes with a bar fridge and fans to maintain a cool environment. With plenty of communal living and dining areas, Samoan Surfaris emphasises a sociable atmosphere, enhancing the overall warmth of your surf trip. 


At Samoan Surfaris, meals are a central part of the surf adventure, thanks to Pele, the camp’s celebrated chef. Her skill in crafting nutritious, surfer-friendly meals infused with Samoa’s rich flavors makes dining a highlight. Using fresh, local seafood and produce, Pele ensures every meal not only quenches hunger but also offers a taste of the island’s culinary traditions.

Her menu expertly mixes Western dishes with Samoan tastes and spices, appealing to surfers’ appetites and introducing them to the island’s culture. Dining under Pele’s care at Samoan Surfaris isn’t just about eating; it’s an integral part of the surfing experience.

Surf Samoan Surfaris

At Samoan Surfaris, your surfing adventure is enriched by access to a diverse array of breaks, all within close proximity to camp. On some days, guests are treated to the convenience of surfing right out front at Village Lefts, while other days may involve a brief 15-minute drive to the boat anchorage for excursions to the outer reefs in search of perfect, uncrowded waves. 

The region boasts a wide spectrum of surf spots, ranging from 5 to 45 minutes away by 4WD or boat. Notable south coast breaks include Boulders, Coconuts, Wackas, Pebbles, and Special K, while the north coast offers breaks like Tiavea and Dragon’s Breath, among others. 

Brent, your seasoned surf guide at Samoan Surfaris, excels in leading guests to less crowded breaks, maximising guests’ wave count and time in the water. His deep knowledge of local conditions ensures you’re always positioned to be at the right spot, at the right time. 

Access to the surf is provided by a 23 ft center console longboat, equipped with a 40 hp Yamaha 4 stroke and an auxiliary 5 hp Yamaha engine, perfect for both surfing and other activities like fishing and snorkeling. The boat is conveniently located just a 15-minute drive from Samoan Surfaris, at the local harbour. For land-based adventures, airport transfers and surf transfers, guests have access to a 7-seater Toyota Prado and a dual cab Toyota Hilux 4WD.

The intimate nature of Samoan Surfaris, strictly hosting up to five surfers per trip, allows guests the flexibility to surf, explore and unwind at their own leisure. 


Village Lefts

A down-the-line left-hander at Salamumu Beach. It’s inconsistent, but can be very good. 


True to its name, this wave is very ‘wackable’ and a fun and playful left-hander. It’s a versatile wave for surfers of all abilities and crafts. 


A perfect right-hand setup breaking onto a shallow reef. This wave starts small, but can grow into a barrel of your dreams. 

Devil's Island

A freight train left-hander on an outer reef that can produce long, insane barrels in the right conditions. 

Inside Siumu

A short, fun left-hander with great walls. 

Outside Siumu

Longer and bowlier than the inside, in the right conditions Outside Siumu can be all-time. 


A super round left-hander that horseshoes almost 90 degrees off a wedge in offshore southeasterly trade winds. Out the back is much longer and mellower, with big walls for big turns. 


An incredibly hollow and sometimes intimidating right-hander that has been compared to HT’s in the Mentawais. 


A classic left-hand point break that in the right conditions is very powerful and protected in southeasterly winds. Boulders can hold swell up to 15 ft. 

Brent's Secret Spots

There are still a couple of secret spots in the south where you may get to surf alone when the conditions are right. Two breaks, in particular, include Y-Tops and Spot-X and offer perfection and a surf experience you’ll remember forever. 

Tiavea Bay

Tiavea Bay is a series of breaks including a ‘sunset’ style right-hand peak that provides heavy tubes and can hold swell up to 15 ft, and a river mouth with left and right-handers breaking off a peak that is fun for turns. 

Fagaloa Bay

Fagaloa Bay is a series of points that can be compared to Noosa Heads, as it needs exact swell direction. It can only be accessed by boat, so is rarely surfed for this reason.

Solo Solo

Three separate, medium-length hollow right-handers breaking onto a shallow coral reef stretching for over 400m, all varying in difficulty. Solo Solo is a swell magnet and offshore in most winds.


A right-hand point break that is offshore in most winds. Laulii is a playful, medium-length wave that barrels on a big swell. 

Dragon's Breath

This world-class wave is one of the best on Upolu Island and is situated approximately 10 minutes from Apia and a 15-minute paddle out. This wave can hold huge swells and is a right-hander that offers big open barrels you could drive a car through. Dragon’s Breath breaks similar to Pipeline in Hawaii. 

The left off the other side is longer at about 150 to 200 m, and offers fast hollow tubes with three separate sections. For experienced surfers only.

Pudding Rock

A short, playful right-hander that is well worth a visit in the right conditions. 


Another short, fun right-hander that is about one minute from Pudding Rock. Unlike many other waves in the area, Waterfalls breaks best on low tide. 

Non-Surf Activities

Samoan Surfaris offers a plethora of activities for those moments in between surfs. Dive into the crystal clear waters for some snorkeling, embark on a serene lagoon cruise at sunset, or join a local charter to observe whales, dolphins and turtles. For fishing enthusiasts, Samoa is a prime spot, with ample opportunity to reel in the catch of the day.  

For those who prefer land-based adventures, Samoa’s unspoiled beauty awaits discovery through hiking, waterfall treks, turtle feeding, and shopping at the local markets. The beach fales are situated on a pristine white sandy beach, offering the perfect backdrop for a sunset walk or refreshing swim. Whatever your interests, the welcoming team at Samoan Surfaris is dedicated to customising an adventure that exceeds your expectations. 



for Samoan Surfaris

Brent is a great host! Loved it.

Derek L
Date of Stay: January
Surf Stoke5
World Surfaris Service4
Quality of Trip4

Just got back from 11 days with Brent, the amazing Pele and his family. I had an absolute blast! Brent is a one man machine. Not only is he a great bloke and ripping surfer... Read More >

Michael H
Date of Stay: September
Surf Stoke5
World Surfaris Service5
Quality of Trip5

Our host, Brent, was a great bloke that did his best at all times to get us to the best waves. We were limited by places due to the wind at the time, this is... Read More >

Stephen K
Date of Stay: July
Surf Stoke4
World Surfaris Service5
Quality of Trip4

Brent was amazing and it was perfect to just surf all day every day.

Kai B
Date of Stay: June
Surf Stoke5
World Surfaris Service5
Quality of Trip5

Waves were sick . Brent went out of his way to get us in any waves we could. The food provided was epic.

Matt H
Date of Stay: June
Surf Stoke5
World Surfaris Service5
Quality of Trip5


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