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Salani Surf Resort, located on the South Coast of Upolu Island in Samoa, delivers unparallelled surfing, cultural immersion, and relaxation for surfers and non-surfers alike. The surf resort is situated where a tropical river flows into the South Pacific, overlooking a world-class left and right-hander, making it an ideal surf trip destination for surfers and their families. Samoa offers consistent surf year-round, complemented by an abundance of natural beauty just waiting to be explored.   

The resort caters to all guests, including solo surfers, groups, couples and families. A range of activities such as yoga, kayaking, and snorkeling are on offer, as well as a swimming pool and beach bar for down time in between surfs. 

Salani Surf Resort is designed to provide a comprehensive experience that includes enjoying Samoa’s natural beauty and cultural offerings, alongside its surfing and leisure activities. The resort’s prime location offers easy access to an array of quality surf spots, backed by a team of expert surf guides and boatmen for guest convenience and safety.  

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Salani Surf Resort invites guests to experience the essence of Polynesia with a stay in one of eight traditional beach fales. Designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, each beach fale boasts a water view and is strategically elevated to enhance airflow and offer guests a spectacular vantage point from the private deck. Whether you prefer a king or twin bed configuration, Salani Surf Resort can accommodate your request to ensure your utmost comfort.  

Inside, you’ll find air-conditioning, premium mattresses and high-quality linen that promise a restful night’s sleep. After a day spent surfing or lounging by the pool, retreat to your beach fale and refresh in the en suite bathroom, featuring a spacious stone wall shower equipped with solar-heated water for both hot and cold options. 

The dedicated housekeeping staff at Salani Surf Resort services the fales daily, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. 


Located near the swimming pool, Salani Surf Resort’s restaurant and bar offers a scenic spot for guests to enjoy refreshing beverages and a wide array of delicious meals. 

Embrace the warm Polynesian hospitality as you savor a diverse menu that features starters like cajun-seared Yellowfin Tuna, alongside a selection of fresh local fruits, seafood, vegetables, premium imported meats and sweet treats for dessert. 

Included in your stay at Salani Surf Resort, enjoy three nutritious meals daily, plus unlimited seasonal fruit, coffee, tea and filtered drinking water. 

Surf Salani Surf Resort

Salani Surf Resort is renowned for its exceptional surf and prime location, featuring a consistent and world-class right-hander and a challenging left-hander right at the resort’s doorstep. For those looking to explore further, a quick boat ride or trip in the 4WD can take you to a variety of other spectacular waves along the South Coast. 

The North Coast of Samoa, a 40-60 minute drive from the resort, presents even more surf spots to choose from. These spots are particularly consistent from November to May and are often less crowded, providing guests with exclusive surfing experiences in stunning, tropical locations. 

For guest convenience and safety, the resort operates three boats, available from dawn to dusk. These boats not only ferry surfers to and from the surf breaks quickly, but also offer a perfect platform for spectators or non-surfing guests to capture photos and videos of the action or explore the coral reefs with a snorkel set. 

Salani Surf Resort’s experienced surf guides and boatmen, who are trained lifeguards with first aid and CPR certifications, are committed to ensuring guests find the best waves the region has to offer, catering to all skill levels. During peak-season periods, Salani Surf Resort caps surfer numbers at just 8 at a time, maximising wave count in the lineup. During off-season periods, surfer numbers are capped to 10.

Although Samoan reefs are known for their sharpness, Salani Right features a relatively flat reef, and spots like Tiavea have smoother cobblestone river-rock bottoms, making them more accessible for less experienced surfers. 


Salani Right

Salani Right is the resort’s ‘everyday’ wave and will barrel at any size with multiple takeoff spots. The right is a shorter wave that can barrel from start to finish or offer up a combination of open-face sections and barrels. 

South is the preferred swell direction for Salani Right and it’s longer on a southwesterly swell. It can be surfed on low tides, depending on the size and swell direction. Use the long, defined channel to take you back out to the lineup. 

Salani Left

With a good ground swell, this wave is a goofy footer’s dream. Salani Left is a long, fast-breaking barrel ride over coral reef/flat rock that gets faster and hollower as you ride down the line. It’s best surfed between 2 and 10 ft and gets more challenging on bigger days. Salani Left is best at medium tide with a southeasterly swell. You can check this wave from the fales at Salani Surf Resort. 

The Island

The Island is 25 minutes by boat along the inner reef lays. It’s located about 2 km offshore and is a powerful left-hander that reels over a beautiful coral reef. You can only access The Island on high tide and it’s best on medium to big swells. It’s a great alternative when the trade winds are onshore out the front. Surf up the reef for long hollow walls, or down the reef near the end, close to the safety of the channel.


A right-hander about 2km offshore on the outer reef. Rustys is a long, hollow wave that ends in a deep channel, with a current that takes you back to the lineup. This wave holds a solid swell on the outside, with the middle and end sections smaller. Rustys is more sensitive to swell and tide conditions than other waves in the area. 


Boulders is located at the far end of a beautiful black sand beach and a 10-minute paddle through emerald-coloured waters. This is Samoa’s most renowned big wave spot, handling huge swells without closing out. It’s a great option in southeasterly winds and it’s protected with a light offshore wind. 

This wave breaks over large boulders on the outside and over a combination of rock and mushroom-head coral reef on the inside. It’s a left-hand point break off a lava cliff that starts with an easy takeoff, followed by a steep wall section, before barrelling down the line and spitting as it ends – sometimes 150 m away. Boulders is best surfed on a low tide. 

Tiavea Bay

Tiavea Bay is located on the northeast coast and consists of four separate waves. There is a big right-hander off the end, a fast and shallow left off the other side and a nice left and right breaking over cobblestone and flat reef in the river mouth. These waves are a great option during the northerly swell season if there are no waves on the south coast. 

Other Breaks

There are several other breaks you can access while staying at Salani Surf Resort, but they can be fickle. Some of these breaks can only be accessed by boat, others by overland transfers. The resort’s experienced surf guides will share their knowledge to help you get to know the conditions and what to expect at each location.

Non-Surf Activities

Salani Surf Resort offers more than just world-class surfing; it’s your gateway to a memorable Samoan holiday with friends or family filled with both relaxation, surfing and adventure. 

Nestled in a location that provides unparalleled access to Samoa’s pristine beaches, lush rivers, and natural beauty, the resort ensures that there’s something for everyone. 

 Beyond surfing, guests can look forward to a variety of activities including kayaking, yoga, eco tours and waterfall excursions, snorkeling, and cultural evenings featuring traditional ceremonies and performances. 



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The place was perfect. The rooms were comfortable, the food was delicious and there was always heaps of it. my wife who didn't surf was comfortable around the pool or bar while i was out... Read More >

Joseph W
Date of Stay: 22 Nov-01 Dec 2018
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

Unfortunately we copped 30 knots of southerly from day 2 which really messed up the surf with Salani totally blown out and then once the wind dropped the swell was all over the place. We... Read More >

Andrew W
Date of Stay: 4 - 10 Nov 2018
Surf Stoke2
Quality of Food4

Plenty to do for the surf widow and surfer alike . All the staff went above and beyond to ensure our stay was nothing short of fabulous. Definitely take a trip out to the To-Sua... Read More >

Morgan M
Date of Stay: 27 Oct - 3 Nov 2018
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

Amazing experience, great waves, beautiful surroundings and even more beautiful

Mark S
Date of Stay: 27 Oct - 3 Nov 2018
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

The place is amazing, amazing dense foresty mountains and at the foothills of the mountains are these amazing little villagers that house some of the friendliest people I have ever come across. I wonder if... Read More >

Tim A
Date of Stay: 12 - 20 Oct 2018
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5


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