Pinnacles Island Resort

Pinnacles Island Resort is situated on a 50-acre uninhabited private island within the Batu Islands, located in the Indian Ocean. This island is renowned for one of the Telos’ most enjoyable surf breaks, making it a prime destination for surfers. Positioned at the northern tip of the Batu Islands near the local island of Telo, Pinnacles Island Resort offers a remarkable retreat that combines adventure, relaxation and an incredible surfing experience.  

Newly refurbished, the resort has been meticulously designed to provide a luxurious yet intimate experience. The main resort area serves as the hub and heart of the island, featuring a dining pavilion, bar, and an infinity pool. The villas, which are seamlessly connected to the main resort by a picturesque walkway, are surrounded by lush lawns, palm trees, and tropical plants, all leading to a stunning private beach. 

To cater to both surfing and non-surfing guests, Pinnacles Island Resort offers a wide range of activities including snorkeling and a day spa, with yoga, ice baths and other holistic wellness facilities to come in 2025.

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Pinnacles Island Resort offers luxurious beachfront bungalows, providing a comfortable and elegant retreat. The bungalows are designed with a focus on privacy and luxury, featuring stunning ocean views, air conditioning, and modern amenities. Each bungalow is well-appointed with high-quality furnishings, ensuring a relaxing stay for guests. The resort’s all-inclusive packages include world-class surf guiding, excellent cuisine, and personalised service, making it an ideal destination for both surfers and non-surfers seeking a premium experience.  

The Lawns Villas

These villas offer direct access to lush green lawns and the beach. Each villa features a large bathroom, a king-size bed, two singles, and amenities like a work desk, private terrace with sun loungers, a mini-bar fridge, air conditioning and Wi-Fi. 

Positioned in an elevated section of the resort, these villas offer panoramic views of the resort and ocean, with similar amenities to The Lawns Villas. 



At Pinnacles Island Resort, meals are all-inclusive. The beachfront dining area, located next to the stunning infinity pool, features a covered alfresco dining environment where guests enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cuisine offers a mix of Asian and Western influences, focusing on fresh, healthy, and balanced options to nourish guests. The bar provides a selection of branded spirits, non-alcoholic drinks, smoothies, and fresh juices, with fresh coconuts being a popular choice for a refreshing sunset treat. 

Surf Pinnacles Island Resort

Pinnacles Island Resort offers an unparalleled surfing experience with over 20 surf breaks accessible within 25 minutes, and many more reachable within a day trip. The waves are consistently in the 3-5 foot range, suitable for all skill levels. The standout wave, Pinnacles, is a user-friendly right-hander just a short paddle away from the resort. For waves located further afield, the resort provides fast, comfortable boat transfers for easy access. Expert surf guides, who know the area intimately, tailor the experience to guests’ desires and abilities, ensuring an unforgettable surfing adventure no matter your skill level or preference.  

The region also features renowned breaks like Monkeys, The Bubble, and Max’s Left and Right. Monkeys, for instance, is a series of four right-hand points breaking over reef, while The Bubble is a challenging right for advanced surfers. With such a diverse range of surf spots, Pinnacles Island Resort caters to every surfer’s dream. 


Non-Surf Activities

Coming soon to Pinnacles Island Resort, guests can enjoy an all-new wellness center with areas for yoga, stretching, pilates, a sauna, ice bath, gym, and showers. This tranquil zone, set in the jungle, will offer a serene environment to reset, unwind and nourish the body through movement. 

For adventurers, a scenic pathway will circumnavigate the island, winding through the jungle to ocean viewpoints and hidden retreats, providing opportunities to rest, read, or work amidst natural beauty. 

Pinnacles Island Resort offers a blend of quality surfing, relaxation, and holistic wellness experiences. Resort facilities include an infinity pool, sun deck, expansive lawns, a bar, private beach, island track, spa treatments, a boardroom, restaurant, paddleboards, and canoes, ensuring a diverse and unforgettable stay amidst the natural splendor of the Batu Islands. 


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