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Orca Laut Surf Charters provides a premier surfing adventure in the Mentawai Islands, Sumatra, Indonesia. This 11-night, 10-day experience offers guests exclusive access to secluded surf spots, complete with comfortable accommodation in air-conditioned cabins for up to 8 guests. The all-inclusive charter covers airport transfers, all meals, snacks throughout the day, and a variety of beverages.

Guests can also enjoy additional amenities like snorkeling, various styles of fishing, and a support vessel for excursions. With a seasoned crew of Western and local experts with over 20 years of experience, Orca Laut Surf Charters promises an unforgettable journey through some of Indonesia’ best waves.  

Mentawai Islands
February to November
All Levels
Fishing, Beaches, Snorkeling
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Orca Laut offers comfortable and well-equipped accommodation aboard a 53-foot steel-hulled former fishing trawler, purposefully redesigned for surfing adventures in the Mentawai Islands. The vessel features three air-conditioned cabins that can accommodate up to 8 guests. Each cabin is furnished with comfortable bunks that have thicker mattresses than those typically found on charter boats, ensuring a restful sleep. Cabins and linens are serviced daily to enhance guest comfort. 

Onboard facilities include modern bathrooms with showers and toilets, entertainment options such as TVs and a stereo system, and onboard pay-as-you-go internet to stay connected. Orca Laut is also equipped with the latest navigation gadgets to safely guide guests to exclusive surf spots and scenic hideouts. 


Onboard Orca Laut Surf Charters, guests are treated to a full-board dining experience that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with various snacks available throughout the day. Meals are designed to be both satisfying and nourishing, catering to the needs of active, surfed out guests. 

Breakfast options typically include a mix of local and international dishes, ensuring a hearty start to the day. Lunch and dinner menus vary, often featuring fresh seafood caught during the trip, along with a variety of other dishes that incorporate fresh, local ingredients. 

In addition to meals, the charter offers an ample supply of beverages to keep guests hydrated. This includes a generous allowance of beer, soft drinks, and mineral water, with extras such as spirits and wine available at an additional cost.  

Surf Orca Laut

Led by expert surf guide Tim Everingham, who boasts extensive local knowledge from his 22 years in the Mentawais, including 14 years with the renowned Indies Trader brand under Martin Daly, guests are in for a treat. Tim’s expertise ensures that you often reach the waves before anyone else, providing exclusive access to high-quality surf. 

Tim’s dedication to his guests is unmatched. He consistently seeks out less crowded spots, leveraging his deep understanding of the region to uncover hidden surfing gems unknown to others. This commitment makes every surf charter with Tim an opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s best waves in near solitude. 

The prime surfing season in the Mentawai Islands extends from March to October, most ideal for advanced surfers looking for challenging waves, although also catering to advanced beginners and intermediate-level surfers especially during the quieter off-season months. 


Non-Surf Activities

Orca Laut offers a diverse array of activities and equipment to enhance guests’ experience in the Mentawai Islands. Guests have access to snorkeling gear, allowing them to explore the vibrant underwater life in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the islands. For those interested in fishing, the charter is equipped with various types of fishing rods suitable for popping, jigging, and trawling, catering to both novice and experienced fisherman. 

Additionally, Orca Laut comes equipped with a support vessel known as “The Tinny”, which is used not only for accessing surf spots but also for fishing excursions, island-hopping, beach BBQs and sightseeing. These tours offer guests the opportunity to discover secluded beaches and hidden natural wonders of the islands, making every day aboard Orca Laut a new adventure. 

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