Ocean Sapphire – Male & Central Atolls

A jewel in the Indian Ocean, the stunning Ocean Sapphire is a luxurious 3-deck tall yacht. It features 11 cabins, a restaurant, bar and a large jacuzzi to relax in after a day surfing the best waves in the Malé and Central Atolls.

Designed with comfort in mind, Ocean Sapphire accommodates a maximum of 22 guests, with four deluxe oceanview suites on the top deck and seven deluxe twin/triple rooms on the lower deck. Each cabin has an ensuite with hot water, air-conditioning and a wardrobe. Oceanview suites include a bath.

Luxury on the Indian Ocean

The friendly crew on board Ocean Sapphire cater to guests’ every need, whether you want to hunt down some waves in the Malé and Central Atolls, relax with a cocktail on the sundeck or enjoy a buffet meal in the mouth-watering restaurant. You’ll feel like royalty cruising the Maldives on board Ocean Sapphire.

Perfect for surfers and non-surfers alike, there’s plenty to do on Ocean Sapphire. Some popular activities include snorkelling in the crystal clear atolls, stand-up paddleboarding and exploring the palm-fringed Islands. Scuba diving is available for licensed divers using the dhoni support vessel.

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On board Ocean Sapphire you can choose from two types of cabins, with four deluxe oceanview suites on the top deck and seven deluxe twin/triple rooms on the lower deck. Each cabin has exterior windows, a TV with media and a hot shower.

Top deck: Four deluxe ocean view suites. Double or twin rooms available. Includes ensuite, dressing table, wardrobe and air-conditioning.

Lower deck: Seven deluxe twin/triple rooms. Includes ensuite, dressing table, wardrobe and air-conditioning.



After a post-surf drink at the bar or watching the sunset from the top deck, make your way to Ocean Sapphire’s restaurant that serves three delicious buffet meals a day. The chef prepares a range of international and traditional Maldivian cuisine, using only the freshest, healthiest ingredients.


Surf Ocean Sapphire – Male & Central Atolls

Imagine surfing some of the best waves in the Maldives. That’s exactly what you get when you embark on a surf adventure on board Ocean Sapphire.

Ocean Sapphire charters both in the Malé and Central Atolls, depending on the season. With a great variety of reef breaks ranging in intensity from mellow, shreddable walls to gnarly, hollow pits, the Malé and Central Atolls have something for every surfer.

Ocean Sapphire operates in the Malé Atolls from May through to October, with predominantly off-shore conditions all day and a swell direction of south/south-east. Generally, surf ranges in size from 2 to 8 ft, with bigger pulses every so often.



Previously off-limits, Jailbreaks is a long right-hander with three sections, including a mid-barrel section. When it’s lining up right, you can expect a super-fun 300m ride!


Travelling 20 minutes north you’ll find this fun right-hander which breaks off Kani Resort. It’s great for beginners to intermediate surfers. With an easier take-off, on smaller days, Ninjas is good for longboarders or cruising on a fish, and on bigger swells it’s lots of fun on a shortboard.


Cokes is one of the most well-known waves in the region. It’s a hollow right-hander which breaks at between 3 to 10 ft.


On the other side of Cokes, Chickens is the fastest left-hander in the North Malé Atoll. It’s a swell magnet and can handle swell from 3 to over 10 ft, with rides up to 500m long.

Speak with the experienced World Surfaris surf guides about surfing the South Malé Atoll, about a two hour boat trip from the North Malé Atoll. There are several breaks in this area that perform well in the right conditions.
Tucky Joes’ left works in a big south east swell and delivers solid barrels and fun rides. Riptides is also super-fun in bigger conditions.



In the Thaa Atoll, off Hirilandhoo Island, Maliks is a left-hand reef break that, given the right conditions, offers up long, satisfying barrels. While this wave isn’t always performing at its peak, if you stumble upon Maliks during a south/south-west swell and south-east/east wind, you won’t be disappointed.


Finnimas isn’t for the faint of heart, as it breaks over some pretty shallow reef, however this left-hander is high up on the ‘to surf’ list for many visitors to the Central Atolls. While not the biggest wave in the Maldives, it’s definitely one not to miss given the right conditions.


The picture perfect Inside Mikados is a right-hand reef break just east of Outside Mikados. While only working on the low tide, Inside Mikados offers up peeling down the line rides with short barrel sections.


In the south of Laamu Atoll, Ying Yang is a right hander that is a frequent stop for Ocean Sapphire. Ying Yang combines a mellow down the line ride with a fast inside barrel section where surfers can get some serious tube riding time if they can push through the more challenging sections.


As mechanical as it sounds, Machines is the best right-hander in this region. Surfing Machines requires a bit of stamina, but the grinding barrel sections make it worthwhile. Machines lacks a channel, so you’ll need to be paddle fit, and be sure to have your wits about you when it’s time to get out of the impact zone.

Surf Guides

Experienced Surf Guides

On a surf charter you need an experienced surf guide with knowledge of the local surf breaks. On board Ocean Sapphire we provide the most experienced surf guides you will ever meet, many of whom grew up surfing the area.

The World Surfaris surf guides are constantly checking surf conditions. They stay in contact with other skippers/surf guides in the area to find fun and empty waves for guests staying on board Ocean Sapphire.

Non-Surf Activities

When you’re not surfing, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained while staying on board Ocean Sapphire. You can explore the crystal clear waters of the Malé and Central Atolls with a snorkel, goggles and fins, or take off on a stand-up paddleboard adventure to the nearest white sandy beach or uninhabited Island.

If you want to delve deeper and discover the ocean wonders of the Malé and Central Atolls, licensed divers can jump aboard the dhoni support vessel which is fully equipped for scuba diving groups.


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