Ngalung Kalla

At Ngalung Kalla Eco Retreat, you will experience the raw and rugged beauty of one of Indonesia’s best-kept secrets and be guided by the island’s most experienced waterman. Located on the southwest coast of Sumba, Ngalung Kalla Eco Retreat has been designed with maximum respect for the Earth and a great degree of consideration for the local climate and people. 

Discover comfort, serenity and positive vibes at Ngalung Kalla Eco Retreat. With six beautifully-crafted bamboo bungalows, featuring a unique blend of stone, hardwood, and bamboo, the open-air design offers a seamless connection to nature and a wondrous experience for every guest. 

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Sumba Eco Retreat

Only an easy 90-minute flight from the hustle and bustle of Bali, arriving in Sumba is like stepping back in time, with an eye-opening perspective of contrasting lives. Ngalung Kalla caters to the discerning traveller who is eager to get off the beaten track to embark on an adventure with just enough raw luxury. The retreat has been created with the three tenets of permaculture in mind – Earth care, people care and fair share. 

Surfing Sumba

The stunning bay has a home break that offers a perfect right-hander stretching over 200 m. It caters to all skill levels, from beginners to expert surfers. There is also a range of other waves that are suitable for beginners, longboarders, and stand-up paddleboarders, just a short paddle or boat ride away.


Surrounded by nature, the accommodation options at Ngalung Kalla Eco Retreat offer peace and tranquillity, the way it has been for hundreds of years. 

The eco-retreat features six beautifully-constructed open-air bamboo bungalows with an eclectic mix of stone, hardwood and bamboo. The unique steeply peaked Sumba bungalows are topped with grass roofs and perfectly blend into the natural environment. 

The private bungalows have luxuriously comfortable beds with mosquito nets, hot and cold water outdoor showers, composting toilets, and solar lighting and overlook the dramatic coastline, ocean and stunning sunsets. 

The 24 m solar-powered and saltwater chlorinated infinity pool is accessible over a 60 m cable bridge that spans 20 m above the forest floor. Swimming at sunset is an especially surreal experience; The pool is open to bungalow guests from 8 am to 8 pm. 

At Ngalung Kalla Eco Retreat you’ll also enjoy a central lounge and library – a great place to get to know other guests or relax with your family and friends. 


Eat together under the stars on mahogany tables at the Ngalung Kalla restaurant. It’s located in the central common area and an amazing team of ladies cooks all day to keep guests fueled for the adventures that await. 

Food at Ngalung Kalla is primarily vegetarian, as well as seafood caught from the surrounding waters. The dishes are fresh, light and locally sourced, mostly from the extensive gardens throughout the property, providing a delicious variety of healthy, organic food from the land.

Surf Ngalung Kalla

Ngalung Kalla’s home break is located in the bay and is a perfect right-hander that reels off for 200 m over reef. It varies in intensity, from small and fun to challenging for the most experienced barrel riders. 

There are a variety of other waves only a short paddle or boat ride away that cater to beginners, longboarders and everything in between. A variety of rights and lefts over sand and reef ensure everyone finds the perfect wave. 

The 10 m aluminium speedboat with twin 175 outboards is the perfect vessel to find the best waves in Sumba – most local trips are included in your stay. Long-range trips cost extra. If you don’t have your own board, there are a good variety of SUPs, longboards and shortboards available for complimentary use – with the ‘if you break it, you buy it’ condition.

Non-Surf Activities

Besides surfing, there are a huge variety of non-surf activities available at Ngalung Kalla Eco Retreat. The beach is only 225 steps from the restaurant through a gorgeous little valley, and once you are there you can access a variety of water activities. It’s a beautiful 400 m protected crescent with a stunning mix of mostly cobblestone and a little sand. 

Some of the non-surfing experiences at Ngalung Kalla are included, some are available for an extra charge.


There are several yoga spaces at Ngalung Kalla, and depending on the teachers there are several styles of yoga available. 


Relax and revitalise with a full body massage. Each guest receives one complimentary massage with every seven-night stay. 


Explore the underwater wonderland and discover another world teeming with marine life. Snorkelling gear is available at the retreat, however, for the best fit, we recommend you bring your own gear. 

Nature Walks

There are several bird, nature, coastal and reef walks available to discover the natural beauty of the region. You can tour with a local guide or take off an adventure on your own with a map. 

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the best ways to take in the beauty of the local area. The retreat has several top-of-the-line bikes available for guest use. 


Kitesurfing And Foiling

Kitesurfing and foiling are both available if the conditions permit.


There are several beautiful waterfalls you can visit during your stay in Sumba. These tours are an extra cost and are usually a full-day trip with a local lunch experience and a tour around a local market and/or antique store. 


Fishing in the waters of Sumba can be incredible, with Spanish Mackerel, Trevally, Wahoo, Barracuda, Sailfish, Marlin and Mahi Mahi inhabiting the nearby waters in solid numbers. The retreat has rods and reels, outriggers and down-riggers for fishing in any conditions. 

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is available on request but is not included in the retreat’s all-inclusive package.

Textile Tours

Immerse yourself in the culture of Sumba with a textile tour that visits local villages known for producing some of the finest hand-woven ikats in the world. 

West Sumba and Cultural Tours

Delve into the beautiful Sumbanese culture. Even just the normal daily-life activities will be eye-opening for visitors and are sure to leave a lasting impression and give you some amazing photo opportunities. The West Sumba tour transports you to some of the most untouched valleys on the island. 


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