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Mahi Mahi Surf Resort combines a premium resort experience with exceptional, uncrowded surf, ideal for those eager to discover Indonesia’s natural beauty. Situated on Simeulue Island in North Sumatra’s Aceh province, this eco-conscious surf resort is nestled in one of Indonesia’s more rustic and secluded areas. 

For surf enthusiasts, Mahi Mahi Surf Resort offers access to a variety of surf breaks right at its doorstep, with additional waves a brief boat or motorbike ride away. This region is known for its uncrowded waves and stunning landscapes, providing a captivating surf trip experience that feels a little off the beaten track. 

Beyond surfing, Mahi Mahi Surf Resort presents a plethora of activities including snorkeling, yoga, waterfall treks, and other island adventures, making it a prime choice for families or couples looking for an enriching island escape. The resort also emphasises the value of wellness, sustainability and community, offering more than just a holiday, but a holistic experience with health, educational and cultural benefits. 

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An Eco-Friendly Resort on Simeulue Island

Mahi Mahi Surf Resort is a committed supporter of sustainable community and environmental projects in the Simeulue and Banyak Islands. This is achieved through a conservation partnership with Ecosystem Impact. 

By choosing Mahi Mahi Surf Resort for your stay, you contribute to the sustainable development of Indonesia. Your visit supports initiatives like the Bangkaru Turtle Project, community education, bird conservation, beach clean-ups, and organic community gardening. Guests have the opportunity to engage directly with these efforts, whether by speaking with the resort’s conservationists, donating school supplies, or contributing financially to the resort’s sustainable endeavors. 


Mahi Mahi Surf Resort features accommodations crafted from up-cycled materials, including repurposed antique structures. This approach ensures guests enjoy a comfortable yet stylish stay, while minimising environmental impact. 

The resort caters to various guests, including solo travelers, couples, families, or groups seeking an immersive escape from their daily grind back at home. Accommodation options range from single rooms and double rooms to family villas, each designed to provide a serene retreat featuring direct views of the surf. 

For relaxation and socialising, Mahi Mahi Surf Resort offers several communal areas. The joglo, a spacious teakwood structure, is the central hub for meals and doubles as a cozy spot for movies, connecting to the Wi-Fi, listening to music, or reading, all with views of the surf. Additional amenities include two bar tops for dining, an outdoor beach fire pit, a 9-hole pitch and putt golf course, a volleyball court, a newly refurbished surf viewing tower, and notably, an infinity pool overlooking The Peak. 

Single Rooms

Single Rooms at Mahi Mahi Surf Resort are designed with your comfort in mind. Each room includes a private semi-outdoor bathroom, a ceiling fan, air conditioning, and mosquito nets. Relax on the patio, which offers views of the garden, the golf course, and the surf. 

Double Rooms, ideal for couples seeking additional space, are two stories high. These rooms feature the same comforts as single rooms, including a private semi-outdoor bathroom, ceiling fan, air conditioning, and mosquito nets. The antique wood and bamboo thatched roofs add to the room’s cozy yet tropical ambiance. Enjoy the view from the verandah, overlooking the garden, golf course, and the surf. 

The Villas, suitable for private groups or families, offer a premium and comprehensive experience. These two-story villas are fully equipped with air conditioning, kitchens, refrigerators, and lounge rooms. Ceiling fans and mosquito nets are also included for your comfort. 



At Mahi Mahi Surf Resort, dining is a key part of the experience, with a variety of wholesome and nutritious meals served daily. Ingredients are locally sourced from farmers and fisherman within the community, and eggs are sourced directly from the on-site chicken coop. A highlight of the afternoon is the assortment of delicious baked goods, a specialty at the resort. 

Breakfast features freshly ground coffee, tropical fruits, juices, smoothie bowls with homemade granola and coconut milk, fresh bread and peanut butter, vegan pancakes, and free-range eggs. Lunch and dinner offer a buffet-style selection, including traditional Indonesian cuisine and classic Western favorites. For dessert each evening, guests are treated to delicious cakes and baked goods. The chefs are dedicated to providing an exceptional dining experience and can accommodate various dietary requirements. 

In line with the resort’s sustainable practices, all meal scraps and leftovers are separated and used as compost for the local community garden, contributing to waste management. 


Surf Mahi Mahi Surf Resort

Surfing in Simeulue is renowned for its uncrowded and consistent conditions, making it a sought-after destination for surfers in search of empty lineups and year-round surf. Right out the front of Mahi Mahi Surf Resort is The Peak, which is easily accessible by foot and a short paddle. This break offers both left and right-hand waves, complete with hollow tube rides and a manageable reef beneath. This spot is particularly impressive with swells ranging from 3 to 6 ft.

Nearby, guests can explore a range of other surf breaks including Dylans, just a 10 to 15-minute boat journey away. The resort’s surf guides are always available to assist guests in discovering various waves around the island, advising which spots are best suited for different tides, swells and wind conditions. With 3 resort vehicles with drivers, and 9 motorbikes available for guest use, guests can explore the island and different surf spots at their own leisure. 

Available at an additional charge, Mahi Mahi Surf Resort hosts professional photographers who accompany guests on the daily, to ensure your best waves are captured.  

The Peak

Right out the front of Mahi Mahi Surf Resort and a short paddle away is The Peak, a fun left and right-hander with hollow tube rides and a user-friendly reef underneath. This wave is best from 2 to 10 ft and you can expect 80m rides in both directions. With a deep water take-off and flat rock bottom, it’s a fun wave for experienced surfers. 

Dylan's Right

Offering fun, hollow barrel rides in the right conditions, Dylan’s Right breaks best in larger swells, with fun tubes over the shallow reef. 


In the right conditions, Thailands is a super fun wave with long rides and barrel sections on offer. 

Tea Bags

You need a boat to get to Tea Bags, but in the right conditions you’ll be rewarded with one of the best right-handers you’ve ever surfed. This wave offers 150m long rides with barrels all the way. A swell magnet, this wave does a great impression of P-Pass or reverse Chopes and delivers some epic rides for intermediate surfers. Booties recommended. 

Monkey Trees

This break works on similar swell conditions to the Peak and is only 15 minute’s drive away. A more opened faced and less threatening left hander compared to the Peak, with some incredible sections for turns and barrels if you’re in the right spot!

Alus Alus

This bay is located on the south end of the island about 40 minutes away, and has a variety of set ups. From a barreling right hander similar to Dylan’s and a hollow left hander that barrels and grinds down the inside south point. There’s even a secret right reef slab in front of the river mouth that’s not easily seen from the beach on road. No matter the swell angle or winds, there’s usually some fun to be had in this bay!

Inor Beach Break and Reef

Just a 5-minute scooter ride or car will see you at this uncrowded, reliable beach break. To the north of the beach is a fairly mellow reef with a right hander that has a few different polarities in its personality – fast. big, small, flat and whackable all at once!

Babi and Lasia Island’s

Pristine rainforest and deep sea ocean swells hit these islands meaning there’s a variety of waves depending on the conditions. Incredibly long right hand walls, slabs, and barreling left hand reefs to name a few. This spot is also a great place for fishing, diving and snorkeling! This is a full day trip about a 20-minute car ride away, followed by a 2-hour boat trip out to the islands. Subject to weather and boat availability.

Non-Surf Activities

Mahi Mahi Surf Resort offers much more than just surfing. Guests have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities on Simeulue Island, perfect for those who enjoy the ocean and the outdoors. These include snorkeling in world-class reefs, fishing, and diving. Additional activities available are: 

  • Boat excursions to uninhabited islands 
  • Guided tours of local villages and markets 
  • Lagoon and cave tours 
  • Hiking to waterfalls and along rivers 
  • Volleyball matches 
  • Games of ping pong and pool 
  • Stand-up paddleboarding 
  • Games on the 9-hole pitch and putt golf course 
  • Relaxing in the infinity swimming pool 
  • Enjoying beach bonfires and BBQ dinners 

This diverse range of activities ensure that every guest, whether they are surfers or not, finds something enjoyable to do during their stay at Mahi Mahi Surf Resort. 

Yoga At Mahi Mahi Resort

Surfing and yoga create a harmonious blend, each complementing the other perfectly. Surfing revitalises the mind and offers a dynamic physical experience, while yoga is an excellent pre or post-surf activity, promoting strength, mobility and better breathing. At Mahi Mahi Surf Resort, morning and afternoon yoga sessions are included with your stay, accommodating everyone, regardless of their yoga experience.  

The resort’s yoga studio, affectionately known as the “Yoglo”, features coconut wood flooring and an antique Javanese frame, creating a tranquil and picturesque environment. Positioned with a view of the surf, it provides a serene space for yoga practice or a simple post-surf stretch. 



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Without a doubt one of my top 3 surf trips of all time. The surf on Simeulue is world class and exceeded any expectations I had. Our surf guides, Rich and Logan, were world class,... Read More >

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