Las Flores Surf Club – El Salvador

Managed by surfers for surfers, Las Flores Surf Club’s pride is its signature break “Las Flores” a world-class, 300m long, right-going freight train that forms outside the point and peels across the cove up onto the sand just metres from the front of the hotel.  The epic location of Las Flores Resort directly in front of the wave is without rival.  In combination with the beachfront hotel’s modern facilities and amenities, panga fleet for surfing and fishing, in-house surf school and the personalized service of expert local surf guides and staff, the result is practically unprecedented in surf travel.

Las Flores Surf Club is an environmentally conscious boutique hotel, surf club and spa located on a stunning 7-acre property directly in front of Las Flores point. The architecturally designed 4-star boutique hotel features 15 ocean view guest suites with modern interior design. All suites are fully air-conditioned and contain luxury amenities.  Total capacity is approximately 38 guests, however in the interests of sustainability the number of surf passes sold is limited to a maximum of 20 per week.

Hotel facilities include pool and sundeck, swim-up bar, jacuzzi, air-conditioned lounge with entertainment area, business centre, outdoor lounges and hammocks, gardens and walking trails, surf shop, surf school, surfing and fishing panga fleet, yoga deck, and signature Las Flores SPA. 

Averaging more than 1 staff member per guest, the Las Flores Resort team will spoil you with a level of personal attention only available in the most upmarket boutique resorts worldwide and offers an unrivaled array of guest services to provide you with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.  

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Las Flores Resort is a beachfront boutique hotel with15 ocean view guest rooms and suites with modern architecture and progressive design.  The variety of accommodation can meet the needs of a diverse range of guests including singles, couples, families and groups with configurations ranging from 1 to 4 beds each.  Current guest capacity is approximately 38 adult guests with the ability to handle exclusive resort bookings as large as 45 persons.  However, in the interests of sustainability surfer numbers are regulated with the number of surf passes sold each week limited to 20 or less.

15 Oceanview Guest Rooms and Suites including:
(5) Double Rooms with Partial Ocean Views
(2) Executive Premium Ocean View Rooms
(3) Deluxe King Premium Ocean View Rooms
(1) Deluxe King Ocean View Suite with Jacuzzi
(2) 2 Bedroom Ocean View Suites
(2) Deluxe 2 Bedroom Premium Ocean View Suites

All rooms and suites include A/C, electronic key access, IDD phone, Safe, Plasma Sky Satellite TV & DVD player, WiFi, coffee/tea maker, and daily maid service; designer bathroom with hot water & amenities kit, shower dispensers of shampoo and body soap, sink dispensers of soap and hand cream, 2 organic soaps, towels.

Deluxe rooms and suites have premium views and interior design, stocked minibar, bathrobes, premium towels, premium pillows, goose feather mattress top, large LCD TV with premium channels on Sky TV.


Enjoy seaside dining at Las Flores restaurant overlooking the world class Las Flores surf point.  A la carte breakfast and lunch menus, set 3-course dinner menus (with Pacific seafood, Angus grade beef and locally grown fruits and vegetables), and theme buffets such as the famed Las Flores Surf Club seafood buffet and traditional Salvadorian night.

Mangos Bar serves a selection of refreshing smoothies, natural juices, and energy drinks in addition to a full bar service with local and international beers, wines, champagnes, and top shelf liquor selection.

Surf Las Flores Surf Club – El Salvador

El Salvador’s East Coast

The East coast, contrary to belief, is not the Caribbean coast, in fact EL Salvador has no Caribbean coast only a Pacific coast.  Because of the El Salvador coast’s due south orientation the country is divided into 2 regions, “El Oriente”, East, and “Occidental”, West, a.k.a “La Libertad”.  The East coast of El Salvador gets the same swells as the West coast and La Libertad.  These swells are generated by storms in the Southern Hemisphere and occur with regularity from March-November.  Average wave heights are 4-8ft on the face, with bigger days to 10-15 ft faces possible, and rarely if ever under 3 feet.  The consistency is 90% or greater.  December-February still breaks but is less consistent, 1-3ft mostly, with days to 5ft possible.  This season offers sunny skies and pleasant conditions however strong side-onshore winds are common (ideal for kitesurfing).  The main draw card is the 5 righthand point breaks located along a 10 mile stretch of rugged, mountainous coastline.  Most famous of the breaks is Las Flores and Punta Mango.  Besides these 2 waves there are at least 3 other quality points in the region.

Climate/Water Temperature

El Salvador has a dry season (Nov- Apr) and a wet season (May-Oct).  One should not be deterred from travelling to El Salvador in the “Wet season”.  The majority of days in the wet season are fair with occasional afternoon and evening thunderstorms, and the wet season is generally when the surf is biggest and best and glassiest.  The dry season, or “summer” (November-April), offers beautiful, sunny conditions, but typically has more wind, especially January-March, when the onshore comes up by 9 or 10am, and Dec-Feb is smallish and inconsistent.  The water temperature is between 24C and 30C year round.  Unlike neighboring Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica, El Salvador does not get the strong local offshores that cause upwelling, and El Salvador water temperatures are among the warmest in Central America.  The air at the coast is hot and humid, generally between 27-32C.  Strong sun protection is mandatory.

Surfing Equipment

Though waves up to double overhead are common, gunny boards are generally not needed.  5-10 to 6-6 thrusters are ideal, with a 6-8 or 6-9 rounded pin for the heaviest, low tide sessions.  Funboards, longboards and fish also work well in these sometimes machine-like pointbreak conditions.

Surf Spots

Las Flores Main Point:  Very consistent right point break.  It is a sand point directly in front of the hotel that breaks mechanically with a hollow takeoff at low tide (softer at high tide) and very long rides up to 300m.  The wave has many personalities depending on the swell size and tide.  On swells of 6-8ft (face heights) or bigger and lower tides it is a challenging wave for experienced surfers.  It has been compared to Jeffreys Bay and Bells.  On small to moderate swells of 3-5 ft (face heights), or fuller tides, Las Flores is a classic sand point break, super fun on a shortboard, fish, or longboard, with long open faces and wackable wall sections.  The outside will shut down on a full high tide in small to moderate swells and the wave shifts to the inside beachbreak.  On big swells the outside works on all tides, and high tide will tend to make the wave more forgiving on the macking swells.

La Vaca:  300m West of Las Flores.  This right point works best on a low to mid tide, and a 4-6 ft swell.  Vaca is a hollower, critical, shorter wave than Flores.  Punta Vaca can be a great option for the experienced surfer looking for heavy takeoffs and tube rides, and can provide crowd relief if the point at Las Flores is congested.

Toro De Oro:  1km West of Las Flores.  This righthand point works best on a low to mid tide, and a solid 4ft+ swell, but can also hold big swells.  The wave breaks in deepwater with a steep but forgiving take off and offers long lined up rights with 200m rides when on.  The wave face is very carveable but steep, with rocks.  Safest access is by boat due to treacherous entry and rocks on the inside.

Punta Mango:  15 minutes West of Las Flores.  Access by boat only.  Powerful right cobblestone point break with 200m rides when on, machine-like.  It is has a hollow take off with a serious barrel at size AND a hollow inside section.  It works on a 3ft+ swell and all tides, but 4-7ft SW is best.  Closes out over 8 feet.  Reef booties are recommended but not mandatory.  The hollowest wave in the region, but also the most wind sensitive.  Experienced surfers only even when small, due to currents and shallow inside rocks.  The wave has become popular and is sometimes semi-crowded with 3-4 boats and 15-20 surfers at peak hours.

Punta Bongo:  Another right point.  Accessible only by boat.  This wave is like an inferior Las Flores.  Low to mid tides best.  Cannot handle much wind.  Always uncrowded.

El Cuco Beachbreak:  A hollow beachbreak in front of the town with one distinct peak, favoring lefts.  Usually when it is this good the point is better, but check it anyway.  Sometimes it is good when the point isn’t and can work on a higher tide, offering a scrappier alternative.

Non-Surf Activities

In resort activities Las Flores SPA treatments, yoga (prebooking required), sun worshipping, and lots of R&R.  Extra resort activities include kayaking tours, eco tours, and cultural tours.  For couples Las Flores offers romance and honeymoon package options including champagne upon arrival, boat trip getaway to secluded beach, private candlelit dinner for 2 at lookout, or couples massages. For families there is nanny services, cribs, highchairs, infant car seats, children’s playground, kids menu, discounted rates for children and teens (children 4 or under free) and family friendly excursions.



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