Lakey Peak Haven

Explore the untouched landscapes of Indonesia at Lakey Peak Haven, located in the quaint village of Hu’u in Sumbawa. This rustic surf camp serves as a tranquil retreat for surfers seeking a unique experience away from the hustle and bustle of nearby Bali.  

Occupying a 6,000 sqm property, Lakey Peak Haven offers a genuine slice of island life with 13 rooms constructed from locally sourced materials. It’s a prime location for guests looking to surf, unwind in a serene setting and connect with local traditions. 

For those in search of a quiet escape distinct from Bali’s lively atmosphere, Lakey Peak Haven provides a secluded oasis. With expansive views of the ocean and set amidst lush tropical gardens, including homegrown vegetables and fruit trees, the surf camp offers a glimpse into the tranquil island life reminiscent of Bali’s charm decades ago. 

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Lakey Peak Haven provides various accommodation options, all featuring views of the swimming pool and scenic surroundings. Each room is equipped with air conditioning or fans and comes with a private ensuite that includes both hot and cold water. Comfortable beds and a TV are standard in every room, with daily servicing to ensure cleanliness and comfort throughout your stay. 

The surf camp boasts a swimming pool with views of Lakey Pipe, Lakey Peak, and Nunggas. Additionally, a small shop on the property offers snacks, toiletries, and surf hardware essentials. For surfboard care, a ding repair shop is conveniently located nearby. The accommodation options at Lakey Peak Haven cater to a wide range of guests, including families, couples, solo surfers and small groups. 

Surf Shacks

Lakey Peak Haven’s Surf Shacks are two stories high with direct views of the pool, sunset and surf. These spacious rooms include a private verandah, perfect for lounging and enjoying the views.

Each shack offers a room with air conditioning on both the lower and upper floor (with the option of double or twin beds), along with a bathroom including hot water. Amenities include a TV, linen and towels, electrical outlets and a surfboard rack.

Surf Shacks are perfect for larger groups of friends or families. 

Constructed in a contemporary style surrounded by lush tropical gardens, Lakey Peak Haven’s Garden Shacks have double or twin bed configurations.

These rooms include air conditioning, a private ensuite, a TV, linen and towels, electrical outlets and a spacious verandah.

Garden Shacks suit couples, smaller groups or solo surfers. 



Lakey Peak Haven’s on-site restaurant, Eat At Shacks, offers a variety of meals that cater to diverse dietary needs, available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Emphasising fresh, local ingredients, many of which are harvested from the garden, the restaurant ensures each dish maintains a high quality and supports local agriculture. 

The menu at Eat At Shacks includes an array of Western and Indonesian options, from curries and fried rice to chicken roasts, pasta, salads, burgers, and seafood barbecues. Specialties like prawn satay and a selection of traditional Indonesian dishes provide a taste of local flavors. Prices for meals vary from $5 AUD to $15 AUD, accommodating budget-friendly options without compromising on taste or quality.  

For those interested in exploring local dining options, a renowned family-run eatery offering traditional Indonesian cuisine is conveniently located a short walk away, presenting an opportunity to immerse in the region’s culinary culture. 

Guests at Lakey Peak Haven can choose to book an all-inclusive experience, adding either breakfast or all three meals to their stay. 


Surf Lakey Peak Haven

Sumbawa is renowned for some of the best waves in Indonesia. Whether you’re looking for stand-up barrels or long rippable walls, this region has the best of everything, depending on the conditions. 

The peak surf season extends from May through to August, yet Sumbawa offers consistent waves throughout the year. Lakey Peak Haven is strategically located near 5 world class waves, including the renowned Lakey Peak, Lakey Pipe, and Periscopes. Within a 20-minute radius of Lakey Peak Haven, surfers have access to a total of 9 waves, such as Nunggas, Cobblestones, and Nunga Doro’s. 

Lakey Pipe and Lakey Peak are visible from the swimming pool and deck area, accessible by a short 700m walk. Alternatively, find waves by car or boat with your local surf guide and photographer, included in your stay as a surfer.  


Lakey Peak

Sometimes described as ‘The Machine’, Lakey Peak is an intense, hollow left and right-hand peak. The left-hander is usually longer, however, the right can be epic in the correct swell direction. It has an a-frame set up with a guaranteed backdoor section if you’re committed. 

Lakey Peak is best surfed between 4 to 8 ft, but any bigger it can get ugly, but amazing. It can be surfed on all tides, but mid-tide is optimal. Low tide offers up an extremely hollow barrel. Depending on the conditions, it can be suitable for surfers of various abilities. Although the reef is soft, it has sharp edges, so booties are recommended. 

Lakey Pipe

If you love barrels, look no further than Lakey Pipe. It’s a barrel-fest for anyone who loves a left-hand rip-bowl, but it’s only surfable on mid to high tides. When Lakey Peak is too big, Lakey Pipe offers the best stand-up barrels in Indonesia. This wave is only suited to intermediate or experienced surfers. Booties are recommended. 


Some days Nunggas can barrel like G-Land, while other days it can be as fun as T-Land. A severely underrated left-hander, it breaks in several sections under 8 ft, but if they connect, surfers can expect a 200 m ride. Booties recommended. 


As its name suggests, surfers just need to hold on and enjoy the ride. This barreling right-hander can only be surfed on mid to high tide. It picks up less swell than Lakey Peak and needs a big swell to open up. Booties recommended. 


Another left and right-hander in the area, the left can be super sucky, but watch out for the greedy rock, or pull off before you hit it! The right-hander is fun between 2 and 4 ft, breaking into a picture-perfect bay. 

Nanga Doros

Nanga Doros is a left and right-hand wave that picks up plenty of swell even when it’s small. If Lakey Peak is flat (rarely), Nanga Doros is a great option. 

Non-Surf Activities

Lakey Peak Haven offers various activities suitable for surfers and non-surfers. Guests can unwind by the pool, enjoy TV, or engage in sports like volleyball, badminton, basketball, and darts. For those interested in astronomy, a telescope is available for stargazing. 

Stand-up paddleboarding and snorkeling equipment are on hand to explore the vibrant marine life around Lakey Peak Haven. Fishing expeditions can also be arranged, though guests are advised to bring their own fishing gear and lures. To discover the local area’s natural landscapes and historical sites, guided tours can be organised.  

For the internet, guests can purchase local sim cards that provide access to local services. 



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I did not know what to expect and was blown away by how amazing Sumbawa and Lakey is. Lakey Peak Haven was awsome. Staff were great and it such an amazing view of Lakey. I had a... Read More >

Reid L
Date of Stay: 16-23 Apr 2017
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