Katiet Beach Resort

Situated in the infamous Mentawai Island archipelago, Katiet Beach Resort offers an ideal spot for those looking to make the most of their surf trip in a centralised location. This family-run resort is on the island of Sipora, with Lances Right (HT’s) surf break just a 4-minute paddle from it. 

With air-conditioned accommodation for up to 18 guests in 6 recently renovated beachfront bungalows, the resort ensures a comfortable stay catering to both surfers and their families. 

Guests at Katiet Beach Resort are provided with 3 meals a day from the resort’s exclusive restaurant and bar, alongside complimentary filtered water. Beyond surfing, guests have access to a range of resort facilities and recreational equipment, including an outdoor yoga and fitness studio, kayaks, and stand-up softboards. Wi-Fi is readily available throughout the property, allowing guests to stay connected throughout their stay. 

March to November
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Katiet Beach Resort features 5 recently updated beachfront bungalows that provide direct views of the renowned Lances Right (HTs) surf break. Each bungalow is fitted with modern amenities including air conditioning, a work desk, quality bedding, private bathrooms with hot water, and balconies that offer uninterrupted views of the ocean and tropical gardens that surround the resort.  

Master Bungalows

For couples or small families, the Master Bungalows are an ideal option, accommodating up to 2 adults and 2 children. These bungalows include air conditioning, a desk, a private bathroom with hot water, and a spacious balcony. 

The Twin Bungalows are designed for up to 2 guests, offering both private and shared bed configurations. The rooms include air conditioning, a bathroom with hot water and a private balcony with ocean views. 

The Katiet Beach House stands as the most spacious accommodation option available, suitable for up to 4 guests, and boasts impressive views of Lances Right (HT’s). This exclusive beach house is equipped with air conditioning, a private bathroom with hot water, a queen bed, 2 single beds, mosquito nets, a filtered water dispenser, and various household utilities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay. 


At Katiet Beach Resort, guests can enjoy a diverse menu prepared by the on-site chef, featuring Western, Indonesian, and Brazilian cuisine, all included in your stay. 

From traditional Indonesian satay and rendang to Brazilian churrasco and Western-style steaks and burgers, the menu is designed to delight the tastebuds of every guest. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing cocktail, a cold beer, or a tropical fruit juice, the bar has something for everyone. The modern and well-appointed dining area also serves as a great spot for guests to mingle and unwind after a day in the surf. 

With its focus on quality, variety, and inclusivity, the dining experience at Katiet Beach Resort is an integral part of the overall experience, promising to satisfy every guest no matter their preferences or dietary requirements.   

Surf Katiet Beach Resort

At Katiet Beach Resort there are various world-class waves at your doorstep, including the famed Lances Right (HTs) just a 4-minute paddle away. 

Surf breaks such as Lances Left, Bintangs, Monkeys, and Cobras, to name a few, are all located within a stone’s throw from Katiet Beach Resort by speedboat or the fleet of motorbikes available for hire at the surf resort.  

Lances Right (HTs)

This famed wave is positioned directly in front of Katiet Beach Resort, just a 4-minute paddle out! On it’s good days Lances Right is one of the best waves in Indonesia with flawless barrelling rights. To work best, the wave likes a confusing combination of W swell and W winds. When it turns on, it’s a mesmerising 8-second barrel from the office all the way to the channel.

Lances Left

A fun, super consistent left, straight out the front of Kingfisher Surf Resort where guests can watch perfection from the comfort of the pool bar or private bungalow. Lances Left has a good barrel section and enough space to link together some turns before kicking out.


This wave is a short, powerful right-hand barrel that perks up quickly over a shallow section of reef. Amazing barrel on it’s day but a very short ride. Bintangs is visible from Kingfisher Surf Resort.

Bintangs Beachie

This wave is located on a long stretch of beach that runs from Kingfisher Surf Resort all the way to Bintangs. On small, short period swells this beachie can offer some playful peaks, and every now and then turns out to be something special.

Monkeys Left

A playful, usually uncrowded left that picks up plenty of swell. Monkeys is one of many waves close by to Kingfisher Surf Resort.


You’ll find Cobras at the top section of the Lances Left reef. This wave is a cylindrical barrelling left, shallow and often challenging but sometimes a better barrel than at Lances. This spot works best on S swells.

The Bombie

A shallow section of reef in Katiet Bay, occasionally good on a longboard and an amazing wave for foiling.

Non-Surf Activities

Katiet Beach Resort offers a variety of activities suitable for both surfers and non-surfers. Guests can make use of the resort equipment and enjoy kayaking, softboarding or a seaside yoga session. Or, for those interested in marine life, snorkeling and fishing trips are available upon request for guests bringing their own equipment.

For those keen to explore the island’s culture and landscapes further, motorbikes and scooters can be organised for hire. This gives guests the freedom to discover hidden beaches, traditional villages, and lush jungles at their own pace, offering a glimpse into the island’s unique way of life. 

If you prefer to stay connected, high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the resort. At Katiet Beach Resort, guests can do as much as or as little as they please, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Mentawai Islands. 



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