Island Safari 2

Island Safari 2 offers a distinctive surfing adventure in the Maldives, guided by some of the most seasoned experts in the region. Whether you choose an itinerary across Malé, Central, or the Southern Atolls, the experience promises an escape from crowds, allowing you to surf pristine waves in an idyllic Maldivian setting. The vessel features 9 spacious, air-conditioned cabins, each with ensuite bathrooms. The cabins embody modern and elegant interior design with thoughtful features to ensure guest privacy and comfort.  

This exceptional surf charter combines adventure, comfort, top-notch service and the allure of surfing remote waves, guaranteeing an unforgettable surf trip experience. 

May to September
Fishing, Beaches, Nature, Snorkeling
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Island Safari 2 provides a comfortable and authentic Maldivian stay with its 9 air-conditioned cabins, each boasting large ensuite bathrooms and classic handcrafted timber interiors, reflecting the local style. The cabins offer individual AC controls for personalised comfort. 

Guests can choose from various cabin types: an upper twin cabin for a premium experience, 5 lower twin cabins ideal for couples or friends, and 2 lower triple cabins perfect for small groups. 

The charter also features a range of shared spaces, enhancing the onboard experience. Guests can enjoy scenic views from the open top viewing deck or relax in the outdoor lounge on the upper rear deck. The interior of the main deck includes a large dining area and bar, providing a social hub for guests. Additionally, a separate forward lounge with a music system offers entertainment and relaxation options, making Island Safari 2 an ideal choice for a premium and social surf trip. 


Onboard Island Safari 2, guests are treated to a delightful culinary journey with three meals per day, crafted by skilled chefs on board. The menu is a fusion of Maldivian, Sri Lankan, and Western cuisines, offering a diverse dining experience.  

Breakfast includes a range of choices: fresh fruit, juice, toast, cereals, along with eggs or pancakes. Lunch and dinner are buffet-style, featuring a selection of five different dishes with daily variations. These meals typically include fresh fish and tuna specialties, a variety of curries, rice and pasta dishes, as well as an assortment of seasonal vegetables and fresh salads. Throughout the day, tea, coffee, and water are readily available.  


Surf Island Safari 2

Embark on a surf trip of a lifetime with Island Safari 2, an esteemed vessel that cruises the Malé, Central, and Southern Atolls of the Maldives from May through to September. This period is ideal for surfing some of the best waves the region has to offer, with a variety of reef breaks suitable for most surfing abilities.  


In the Thaa Atoll, off Hirilandhoo Island, Maliks is a left-hand reef break that, given the right conditions, offers up long, satisfying barrels. While this wave isn’t always performing at its peak, if you stumble upon Maliks during a south/south-west swell and south-east/east wind, you won’t be disappointed.


Finnimas isn’t for the faint of heart, as it breaks over some pretty shallow reef, however this left-hander is high up on the ‘to surf’ list for many visitors to the Central Atolls. While not the biggest wave in the Maldives, it’s definitely one not to miss given the right conditions.


The picture perfect Inside Mikados is a right-hand reef break just east of Outside Mikados. While only working on the low tide, Inside Mikados offers up peeling down the line rides with short barrel sections.


In the south of Laamu Atoll, Ying Yang is a right hander that is a frequent stop for Island Safari 2. Ying Yang combines a mellow down the line ride with a fast inside barrel section where surfers can get some serious tube riding time if they can push through the more challenging sections.


A highlight of the Meemu Atoll, Muli is a right-hander with barrel sections that offer up some memorable rides for visitors to the Central Atolls. Not a wave to be missed in the right conditions, Muli works best in a south-east swell and west/south-west winds.


As mechanical as it sounds, Machines is the best right-hander in this region. Surfing Machines requires a bit of stamina, but the grinding barrel sections make it worthwhile. Machines lacks a channel, so you’ll need to be paddle fit, and be sure to have your wits about you when it’s time to get out of the impact zone.


Previously off-limits, Jailbreaks is a long right-hander with three sections, including a mid-barrel section. When it’s lining up right, you can expect a super-fun 300m ride!


Travelling 20 minutes north you’ll find this fun right-hander which breaks off Kani Resort. It’s great for beginners to intermediate surfers. With an easier take-off, on smaller days Ninjas is good for longboarders or cruising on a fish, and on bigger swells it’s lots of fun on a shortboard.


If you travel another 25 minutes you’ll come across one of the most well-known waves in the region. Cokes is a hollow right-hander which breaks at between 3 to 10 ft.


On the other side of Cokes, Chickens is the fastest left-hander in the North Malé Atoll. It’s a swell magnet and can handle swell from 3 to over 10 ft, with rides up to 500m long.

Surf Guides

Aboard Island Safari 2, guests benefit from the expertise of some of the most experienced surf guides, many of whom have grown up surfing in the Maldives. These guides are professionally trained and adept at reading the local wind, tide and swell conditions. They maintain regular contact with other skippers and surf guides in the area, leveraging their collective knowledge to find the best and often secluded waves for guests.  

Non-Surf Activities

Island Safari 2 is equipped with snorkeling and fishing gear, allowing guests to explore the vibrant underwater life or reel in the catch of the day. For those interested in local culture, the charter organises tours of nearby villages and islands, offering a glimpse into the Maldivian way of life.

Inside the vessel, the air-conditioned lounge next to the dining room serves as a comfortable retreat. This area, ideal for relaxation after dinner or in between surfs, features a large flat screen TV perfect for reviewing the day’s surfing footage with your guide. Additionally, the lounge offers a selection of board games and books for entertainment. The upper deck of Island Safari 2 is a versatile space, suitable for yoga sessions, sun lounging, or even after-dark disco events, making it a great spot for both relaxation and socialising. 


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