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Fenides Charter is a premium yacht that sails through some of the most exciting and exotic parts of Indonesia. Purposely built for surf and dive charters, exploring regions off the beaten track, taking you to empty line-ups and world-class surf breaks, this 43 meter luxury yacht makes for the ultimate surf trip whilst traveling in comfort and style. Fenides tours Morotai and Halmahera, some of the top surf destinations in Indonesia which are still very much under the radar. This charter is designed to offer absolute luxury and comfort on all 3 of the decks, fully stocked with the top of the line equipment and outstanding service.

January to March, October to December
All Levels
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Fenides is a premium yacht in all its aspects. It has 5 spacious cabins all with large ensuite bathrooms. The boat has space for a maximum of 11 surfers. Each cabin has a flatscreen TV, and there’s also onboard Wifi available. There are plenty of common areas to relax in, including two shaded sundecks, a bar and airconditioned salon, as well as an outdoor and an indoor dining area. Onboard massage service, yoga classes, and laundry service are available on request.


The Asian-Fusion kitchen served onboard Fenides will not disappoint! You’ll be served a micro breakfast before any sunrise surf session, a main á la carte breakfast where you can choose between Western and Indonesian options, a two-course lunch and a three-course dinner. In between main meals plenty of snacks and fresh fruits are always available. Furthermore the kitchen is open to most food requests, such as vegetarian, vegan, religious and medical limitations.

Surf Fenides Surf Charter

Morotai and Halmahera are one of the top surf destinations in Indonesia, being still very much under the radar. The huge advantage about the region is that Morotai is consistent, and swells keep coming if you pick the right time. Winds are calm and waves glassy most of the time. Also, the waves are suitable for every level and board preference. From slabby A-frames to mellow cruisy rights. While the southern exposed surf destinations feed off the swells rolling in from the South, Morotai and Halmahera is different. This region works in the wet season only, feeding off the pacific monsoon swells. Therefore, the best time window to surf is between October and March. Peaking in Mid-November to February. Waves start working from 3 foot+ and there are very few hotels or boats around the region, just a handful of written evidence of surf, meaning completely uncrowded breaks! The general population on the island built on scattered remote villages, and the locals are more than welcoming. On any trips with Fenides, all guests have only ever surfed alone!

Buli Bay

Buli Bay or “The Maldives of Indonesia” as I like to call it is located on the east coast of Halmahera, making it the closest surf region from Wayag. The bay is rather large and hosts numerous small white sand beach islands with coconut trees and healthy coral reefs. You will easily find snorkel, scuba and beach-setup locations. 90% of the islands are inhabitant and are free to enter/use. Generally the waves here are slightly smaller than up North, making it a great first destination to get everyone warmed up for what’s to come. The 2 waves on Woto Island are favorites.

Tobelo Outer Reefs

Plenty of easy beginner friendly waves in this region, CB can either stay in the main harbor bay of Tobelo or anchor behind the atoll islands, whatever the group would prefer!

Bere Bere Island

Heading North-East from Tobelo, the region of Bere Bere and the places you pass by on the way, host some of the best waves of Morotai. From fast pealing barrels to open face playful waves. You can find all here on Morotai North-East exposed side. Don’t miss out on Little Bingin, BereBere, Dugongs and MoroMaDoto. BereBere island is beautiful, has amazing fishing and snorkel option. Scuba diving on the southern exposed reef is good too.

Sopi Bay/Serenades

This bay is an absolute swell magnet, and the most advanced region to surf. “Serenades” the most famous wave is cruel and heavy! But… at smaller swells can be pretty fun. Lots of waves and all very much rip-able. When swell is present, tubes are guaranteed!

Pulau Rau

Durians is an extremely good right hander, a wave you can easily spend days surfing it without getting bored. Surf the inside section ONLY. The outside A-frame looks tempting, but unless you are Kelly Slater, better skip on it. Durians is best surfed at mid-low tide, or if the swell is above 5 foot, then mid-high. Faster take-off into a wide-open face. Fast, fun, exciting! The inside is plenty fun and safe.

Non-Surf Activities

In the rare occasion that you’re not out surfing, Fenides Charter is equipped for plenty of leisure activities like scuba diving, kayaking, paddle surf, snorkeling, line fishing, spear fishing, wake boarding, boardgames and more. Onboard massage service as well as private Yoga classes are available on request.


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